93% of Romanians buy clothing online at least once a month, and shoes are the favourite article, according to a survey done by Answers.ro and iSense Solutions. The true fashion enthusiasts end up by ordering six times in 30 days, the same source says.

The document also shows that the ‘fashion online’ segment is growing rapidly in the local eCommerce, about 50% per year. Sport or stylish shoes are preferred by 71% of buyers, while 49% of them choose primarily dresses or bags and rucksacks.

“The amounts spent by Romanians on fashion websites vary between RON 101 for a pair of pants and RON 257 for a pair of shoes. On average, a dress ordered online costs RON 215 at the most and a bag at least RON 124,” the survey conducted by Answers.ro and iSense Solutions reads.

“The main source of information for online buyers is the virtual space, so 68% of them are turning to search engines to find information about online stores they visit and their offers, while 54% of them find out from friends and acquaintances. 51% of buyers are informed by the social media channels. Men prefer to get information from TV shows, with an average of 24% against 11% for women,” the survey reads.

The survey was conducted on a sample of 604 urban respondents, mostly women, aged between 25 and 40 years. Most of them have university studies (59%) and an average monthly income of about RON 3,600. About 72% of respondents are married or live together with their loved one, having on average one child.


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