Metropolitan Life announces the launch of the Insurance for Children product, a life insurance with complex protection benefits, emergency assistance, medical support and practical tests, which was created together with the parents for providing a safer future to their children.

According to a study*, respondents’ priorities are individual and family protection, protection against unexpected expenses and personal comfort. In response, Metropolitan Life launched Insurance for Children in order to meet the parents’ basic needs – care, protection and safety – while providing practical financial solutions in the case of an unforeseen event. The product includes accident and health insurance for children, while also offering guaranteed financial protection at the death of parents or the tutor.

Parents who want to provide their children with a safe environment can think in perspective about how to secure the money they need for an adequate protection plan. Moreover, parents’ flexibility, their awareness and openness to a better understanding of the child, are essential factors in building a safer future.

“The Insurance for Children is a versatile product, an answer to the needs each modern family has, a safety net for unforeseen situations. Thus, we navigate life together with the families in Romania and focus our efforts to provide parents with the best protection tools for their children”, explains Emilia Bunea, CEO Metropolitan Life.

In this context, Metropolitan Life introduced among the product’s benefits a component meant to let parents get acquainted with the child through practical tests. These relate to behavior, personality, intelligence and the necessary skills in everyday activities for the detection of autism, hyperactivity, behavior or vocational orientation.

The Insurance for Children is a complex financial solution designed to cover a wide range of risks and situations that may affect the life of the individual on a long-term basis; at the same time, the product can be customized through complementary benefits, meant to make it easier for parents in Romania to give their children a safe future.

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