4LEADERS is a recently released program, a family business which has distinguished itself by originality, by the innovative concept which combines classic learning elements with modern motivational ones, with products and services “tailor-made”, and especially by the fact that the programs are applied on the needs of the local business environment, always adapted at the actual world trends.
The program is for the managers of the multinational companies, entrepreneurs, members of different organizations, employees that have the possibility to find the needed “instruments and directions” to adapt at the evolution of the forever changing business environment.
The rigorous courses are remarkable by the metrology and the working techniques, with practical applications that are adapted to your personal style by concepts that are developing the change in attitude and behavior and the results of feedbacks are measurable from the beginning. “The innovative style of presentation the attractive organization of the programs like the way of developing is the novel competitive advantages of our program”, said by Dragos Dinca, who developed these programs. “This way in the context of the business environment more and more competitive and the digital transformation used like human resources the actual generations of employees with the change of attitude and behavior we obtain results that our clients are wishing for. Our successful stories are transferring new actions and directions to obtain the expected results, keeping the balance between the professional activities and the personal life”.
With an experience of 20 years in the Business Management, Dragoș Dincă is a well known Leadership Coach and Consultant Management IT Trainer and digital  transformation analyst. He got an MBA at “The Open University” (London)  and he is an informatic systems certified auditor and ISACA member (USA). He has the “Authentic Leadership Development” certificate at Harvard Business School.
“I wish to point out the exact image of the professionalism that is created and support those programs in actual context when the educational notions and the scientist information are not enough”, says Mădălina Dincă, managing partener. “But, when they are presented by a person with experience, the participants become motivated, inspired and they get relevant and develop answers for all questions, which help them to understand and fix the information received. And from here starts the success in teaching the participants a program adapted to their needs and requirements”.
Throughout the leadership programs you will obtain some results that are improving your communication within an organization and the  impact on productivity and professionalism and even in the development of the team work (you will be revealed the strong and weak points of your team) and in the adaptation of the style to lead at the challenges of the digital era (the technology, the will to work, the decision of labor,  the promotion and the sale will get other options that you always have to be ready and coached).
Practically “Leadership:Actual” is a program which the facilitor, with a balanced training mix, coaching and mentoring, works together with the challenges, needs and waits indentification, as well as defining solutions. The program takes the information with a developed and eficient process determines the transformation of the ones who are preoccupied with all that is new in the principle of personal instruction and the lead area.

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