We have said this before on PortalHR: The Ideal Candidate does not Exist! However, this illusion is reenacted with every recruiting process. It gives us hope that we might discover such a candidate, perhaps through a magic trick or an unconventional approach, and that we might be able to convince him to take into account the job we are recruiting for.

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Indeed, why do we keep defining unrealistic profiles, why is it so difficult to comprehend what type of professionals actually exist in the market and, based on that valid, real information, create reliable professional profiles ? The answer differs from company to company, but the most common reason is convenience.

The road from ideal to real implies high levels of objectivity, a detailed understanding of the candidates database, a permanent contact with the respective professionals, an employer brand closely wired to the values and motivations it wishes to inspire; and the list could go on.

There is no problem in trying to define the ideal candidate’s profile before the start of the recruiting process. The ideal profile represents no threatto the process as long as ‘ideal’ also means ‘real’ and our expectations are based on information gathered in time, and not on a simple collection of impossible standards that make the recruiting process a living inferno.

Taking inspiration from the direct marketing techniques, the eBook we recommend today suggests that we should be better off defining the candidate persona than the ideal candidate. As companies should understand to which type of consumer (buyer persona) they address their services and products, similarly, the recruiting processes must be aware of the audience its messages are sent to (online and offline).

The instructions offered in this eBook will allow you to make the transition from ‘ideal’ to ‘real’ and also give you the opportunity to develop an efficient strategy to attract talents.

Discover more about how to create the realistic ‘ideal’ candidate profile by downloading the Indeed eBook: The Candidate Persona Toolkit.


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