During 10-14 October 2017, as an integral part of the 10th anniversary of the largest showroom of natural stones from Romania, PIATRAONLINE, the exhibition Pleasures of Paradox. The Fine Stone, signed by the Japanese artist Hirotoshi Ito will be held at at Galateca Art Gallery. The exhibition comprises 15 works in stone which defy any traditional concepts on this material, the access of the public at the exhibition being free.

“This year we celebrate 10 years on the market of materials for construction and design, and the exhibition Pleasures of Paradox. The Fine Stone is the most appropriate way to mark this event. For us, as well as forHirotoshi Ito, natural stone is a real generator of inspiration. Therefore, his artistic vision inspired us to organize this event, to introduce his original sculptures to the Romanian public as well”, has stated Mariana Brădescu-Constantinescu, Managing Partner of PIATRAONLINE.

A prominent characteristic of Hirotoshi Ito’s works is his attempt to create the illusion that the stone is more than just a material. Even though most of us see the stone as a hard and cold material, it is for Hirotoshi Ito the perfect canvas, having a great potential to create true stories, full of humour and warmth.

According to the artist, “respecting and using the natural particularities of the original material is a very old and important aspect of the Japanese culture, especially in the creative conception known under the name of Mitate, which implies the usage of a meaning in a new context”.

“On stone we can say many words of praise, but at first glance it is hard for us to admit that it is flexible, warm or that it inspires us in any way. Have you ever imagined a sweater sculpted in stone? Or maybe a smile coming out triumphant from the “cold” stone? Hirotoshi Ito challenges us to see beyond the appearance, discovering this way new faces of the stone”, said Ioana Ciocan, Vice-President of the Romanian Union of Visual Artists and the curator of the exhibition.

Hirotoshi Ito originates from a family with a 100 years old tradition in the stone processing and he has graduated the University of Arts in Tokyo in year 1982. In general, the artist uses materials like marble or granite, modifying the natural surface of the stone into unique sculptural shapes. Also, he lets himself inspired by the natural forms of the stones, which he alters to create true characters. All of his works send to images, objects or regular experiences of daily life.

The exhibition can be visited at Galeria Galateca in the period 10-15 October and the access is free.

Details on the event: Expozitie Ito – PIATRAONLINE

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