Häfele, a leader in the production and selling of furniture fittings architectural hardware as well as electronic access control systems, presents the concept of “More life per m2”, one of the greatest architectural challenges of our time, and proposes interior design ideas and multifunctional furniture to live smart in small spaces.

Great design ideas for small spaces: multitasking furniture

Its puristic design and space-saving functionality allow it to fit perfectly in small rooms – this is creative furniture with the surprise effect. Just because you want to make the best possible use of cramped living space, you don’t have to forego good style. In addition to modular systems that fulfil several furniture functions at the same time, we now see intelligent furniture with a “special effect“ gaining more and more popularity. For instance, portable side tables or bar tables / dining tables with extra integrated storage space, specially crafted by cabinetmakers, combine a clean-cut aesthetic line and clever functionality for compact living spaces.

Elegant and multifunctional: slight pressure is all it takes for the lid of the bar to glide gently upwards, revealing glasses and bottles ready to use.

For the creative host: an extendable unit in the middle of the table top increases storage space on the top of the lifting table.

Individuality and sophistication: strategically placed groups of side tables

This winter it’s the little things that contribute those special touches to a cosy living room: look how side tables are immediately arranged in groups, and are replacing fixed coffee tables. The advantage of this is that it provides much more scope for personalised layouts. By combining different sizes and heights you create a more dynamic picture that can be used in just the way you want. If you like, you can also make flexible use of individual side tables anywhere in the apartment, in the hallway, in the bathroom or on Sunday morning by the bed.

Classic and contemporary: cube-shaped side tables with a minimalist metal frame and elegant glass top in various different shades.

Clear-cut lines, natural raw materials and   pleasing, warm colours: round side tables with a Scandinavian design.

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