The online store of natural products increased year on year by 30% to 1.36 million euro in the first nine months of this year.

The categories of products that registered the highest increases were the beekeeping products and bio products, with increases of 40%, respectively 30%, year-on year.

„The studies show that 83% of the consumers from urban areas associate the healthy lifestyle with healthy food, thus it’s normal that the first changes to be in this area and to generate constant growth. This past year, the Bio Products series became more important to our portfolio, because of the particular interest the customers, and also because of the fact that the products grew in number. Currently we have close to 2.000 products in the Food category, posted on the website and found in our storage in Brasov” said Mihai Bucuroiu, founder and development director of

The Manuka Raw honey and the coconut oil are the best sold products on this year also. Amongst the 2017 new products, the Ceylon cinnamon, the aluminum free sodium bicarbonate, the Manuka MGO 830 honey and the spiruline tablets have also made it to the top most sold.

“Our portfolio is permanently expanded with new products from all categories, we had overall 1.000 new products in the first nine months of the year. Of course, we take down the products that are in low demand, our goal is not to have a lot of products, but to list the ones that we trust, the ones with high demand” also says Bucuroiu.

Over 30% of the new products come from Romanian producers, small manufacturers or family business.

“By cooperating with the Romanian manufacturers, we wish to support both the direction that the costumers are heading towards, they are more and more interested in buying natural Romanian things, and to sustain the Romanian businesses who make good quality bio products, some have difficulties in listing their products and presenting them to the public” added Mihai Bucuroiu.

The cities that register the biggest number of orders are: Bucharest (37% of the overall), Cluj, Brasov, Timisoara, Constanta and Iasi. The average order on the website remains 150lei, same value as last year. However, there was an increased rate of acquisitions from the loyal customers and the number of orders was also bigger overall.

“We increased the number of registered orders by 32 year on year, which shows on one side the high interest of the public for natural products, and on the other hand, the result of our recent investments in the platform, the portfolio diversification and the improvements of the orders’ processing flows. The fact that we are the only natural products online store in Romania that always has the listed products in stock, and we’re talking about 6.500 products, is definitely an advantage and attracts the clients” concludes Bucuroiu.

The strongest trend this year, regarding the consumer behavior, is the desire for information about the products that customers have – the ingredients, the origin country, the nutritional values and their certifications.

“We’re glad to see this interest for information from our public. So far, we’ve been the ones to initiate the information process, this year though we noticed that we’re constantly being asked for additional info about the products, so we decided to complete the products’ descriptions, this meaning showing the table with the nutritional values, all the ingredients when it comes to products, the natural remedies compositions and the origin country for each and every product. The process is quite difficult, we mobilized additional resources for it” states the founder of Vegis.

For 2017, Vegis estimates reaching over 1.8 million euro, with a 25-30% increase compared to 2016, while the natural products market sold online in Romania grows with 20% and is expected to reach approx. 35 million euro.

“Our main goal is to secure our leader position on the market, to maintain the growth percent above the market’s growth and in 2-3 years we aim to gain a 10% market share” ends Bucuroiu. is the biggest natural products online shop in Romania. Founded in 2012, Vegis sells natural, bio and vegan products for almost 6 years and targets clients who are interested in a healthy lifestyle and ecological and natural products based nutrition.
From the Brasov headquarters, Vegis delivers healthy goods all over the country, in a time period of 24-48 hours since receiving the order confirmation, and also abroad using the international transportation service.

Every product enters the Vegis stock with a bill and a quality certificate. Since it is ecologically certified, the company guarantees that the products and the working and storing regulations are according to the present national regulations. Vegis is also the only Romanian website certified by the biggest worldwide supliments producer, Solgar, having the RO111 license, gained for the high professional standards offered to its clients.

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