Mastering the Music Business, the first music business conference organized in Romania, addressed mainly to independent artists but to their support teams as well: managers, booking agents, PR representatives, tour managers, specialized lawyers, promoters etc. has reached its third edition. The event will take place in March 2018, between 20th to 22nd at the Ministry of Culture – Aula Room (Bucharest, 22nd Unirii Avenue).

This year’s edition will continue to bring to the attendees many opportunities to meet and connect with music industry professionals and other related industries. For the first 2 days of the conference they will share their experiences, ideas, innovative technologies and success stories. A whole series of workshops will be organized on several topics during the 3rd day of the conference.

Among the next edition’s topics that will enter the debate we can mention: online distribution and streaming, artist management, collective talent management companies, success stories of artists from various generations.

The opening speech is going to be held by Tudor Chirilă, the vocalist of Vama band, well-known producer, composer and actor.

“I was pleased to find out that Mastering the Music Business, which is a conference about music and various other topics related to the music industry, will continue with its 3rd edition. I recommnend you to be there, if you are artists or want to become artists. I think we live in a time when artists must be aware of the fact that the world is chainging constantly. They should know about contracts, ways to promote themselves, when is the appropiate time to sign a contract with a record label, when they can become freelancers and so on. All these topics will be under scrutiny by international and local speakers which are aligned with the musical industry dynamics. So, my advice for you is to book a ticket and be there!stated Tudor Chirilă (Keynote speaker, MMB Conference 3rd edition).

Also, the series of showcases featuring emerging Romanian and international bands will not miss from the official schedule. During evenings, they will have the opportunity to perform in front of local and international music professionals.

The organizers announce that the presale tickets will cost 35 euro until the end of the year and include the conference registration fee for the conference days and access to the showcases series for these two days (20th and 21st of March), but also the catering costs for cofee breaks and lunch breaks. You can buy your ticket from here: :

The presale tickets don’t include the access to the workshops. These tickets will be available starting January 2018 along with the complete schedule of the event.

„I am extremly happy that we are now ready to announce the 3rd edition of Mastering The Music Business conference, a project that started in 2016. At the second edition, in 2017, we managed to almost double the number of attendees compared to the first edition, and the feedback overall is very good up to now. We were pleased to find a very open and sincere approach by all the speakers of both editions, which motivated us to identify and bring even more industry professionals from Romania and abroad. Last year the keynote speaker was Smiley, one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Romania. Following this tradition of having a remarkable first speaker to open the conference, for this edition the first who will take the stage will be Tudor Chirila, a powerful voice, both for the music industry, as for the social movements of young generations. Last but not least, having INCFC as co-organizers starting 2017 continues to bring more relevance and consistency to the speeches.” stated Anca Lupes (founder, Mastering the Music Business).

Last year’s edition brought to the stage Carmen Croitoru (General Director) and Anda Becut (Research Director) from INCFC (National Institute for Cultural Research and Training), and in 2018 we will follow that tradition, inviting conference attendees to find out about online musical consumption patterns according to INCFC studies.

At the MMB conference, INCFC will invite attendees to contribute to a research project that aims to evaluate the music industry with rigorous stats and frequent measurements.

Mastering the Music Business is the first music related conference organized in Romania addressing mainly the independent artists, but in the same time managers, booking agents, PR representatives etc. The first edition took place in February 2016, when, for the first time, artists, music professionals, managers, collective talent management companies representatives, online streaming representatives, radio representatives, branding and PR specialists entered in a fruitful debate and had the chance to network for future projects.

The previous editions gathered over 50 Romanian and international speakers who presented case studies, took part in debates and workshops. Along with Smiley, the keynote speaker, many artists joined our speakers’ list: Damian Draghici, Nicu Alifantis, Dan Byron, along with representatives of some of the most powerful global music online platforms: Lucas Iliev (Music Gateway), Sam Taylor (TuneCore), Chris Cooke (CMU Insight) and many more.

Thus, Mastering the Music Business positions itself more and more as a place for musical elites to meet, aiming to create an extended community of music professionals and entrepreneurs, whom are interested in debates regarding the lates trends, the newest technologies and smartest ways to promote and turn talent into money.

Mastering the Music Business is a conference organized by Star Management and Star Education Foundation, in partnership with Overground Music andiAgenția de Vise. Co-organizer:
INCFC (National Institute for Cultural Research and Training).

The National Institute for Cultural Research and Training is the only organization aiming to study, research, collect and deliver data for cultural purposes, as well as to ensure a continuous growing environment for those working in the culture field. Among the beneficiaries of research studies developed by INCFC we can mention: Global Organization of Copyright and European Comission  – Education, Audiovisual & Culture Executive Agency.


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