Alexandrion Group, the leader of the spirit drinks market in Romania, announces the launch of the „Single Malt Society” club and of online platform, which addresses both single malt enthusiasts and those who are now discovering the elite category of whisky.

The launching event took place last evening in Cluj-Napoca, in the presence of the founder of this community, Nawaf Salameh, CEO of Alexandrion Group and the only representative of Eastern Europe invested with the Keeper of the Quaich title, as well as of the four ambassadors involved in the project: Alina Ceusan (Ambassador Single Malt Society for Transylvania), Olimpia Melinte (Ambassador Single Malt Society for Moldavia), Adrian Despot (Ambassador Single Malt Society for Banat) and Petre Fumuru (National Ambassador Single Malt Society).

The exclusive world of this drink becomes now accessible under the guidance of Alexandrion Group’s CEO, who in 2016 was awarded the Keeper of the Quaich distinction in Scotland for outstanding merits in the growth of single malt category in Romania.

”Single malt can be considered the elite of the whisky category and its promotion comes in addition to our actions to encourage high-quality consumption among the Romanian public. We are addressing an educated public more and more attentive to what it buys and who needs access to top products and experiences. Through Single Malt Society, we come to meet single malt lovers and implicitly all those interested in a lifestyle that can be associated with an elite drink.”, said Nawaf Salameh, CEO of Alexandrion Group and Keeper of the Quaich.

Next to Alexandrion Group’s CEO, on the journey to discover the single malt genuine values are also the four ambassadors, who share the desire to excel in their field of activity and the appreciation for the good taste. Each of the four has the role of reflecting the single malt in its own lifestyle, of attending the meetings with the members of Single Malt Society and of familiarizing the public with what the choice, the consumption and the perfect context to enjoy this type of whisky mean. The activity of “Single Malt Society” ambassadors can be followed on social media through the #singlemaltsociety hashtag on their own pages and the ones dedicated to the community, as well as on platform.

The club’s activity will not be limited only to the online communication because the closeness to the public is essential for establishing a lasting connection. Thus, once enrolled in the community, the members of Single Malt Society will have access to a calendar of meetings with both single malt specialists and the ambassadors of the project. Based on its members’ values and interests, „Single Malt Society” brings together people with different personalities and occupations, but who share the appreciation for this category of whisky. After the launching in Cluj, the following events will take place in Timisoara, Iasi and Bucharest, the project focusing on four major regions of the country: Transylvania, Banat, Moldavia and Muntenia.

The platform is the virtual space dedicated to single malt lovers, but also the community’s gateway, because the membership in “Single Malt Society” is obtained by registering on the website. It also functions as a digital library containing materials about the manufacture of a single malt whisky and the countries in which it is produced, recommendations on its consumption, news from the ambassadors, as well as other secrets about this drink that combines tradition with modernity.


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