KFC food chain announces the big opening of a new location in Bucharest, an investment of 1 million euros, reaching 70 units at national level, and 28 restaurants in Bucharest.

With an unconventional design, the Oltenitei KFC restaurant offers the energy specific to the brand identity, being naturally integrated in the urban aspect of the city. The new location has a surface of 320 square feet and has an exterior terrace. The KFC Drive-Thru restaurant is located in Sector 4, on Olteniţa Street, number 85, right next to the Sun Plaza Mall.

This location will ensure 60 new workplaces. Among the benefits offered for the new employees, the company offers as well the possibility of obtaining a job without a previous experience, qualification classes and the opportunity to develop a career in this domain, a flexible program – adapted to the employee’s specific necessities, loyalty bonuses and salary raises based on seniority.

„We are happy to announce, at the beginning of this year, the opening of a new Drive-Thru location in the capital city. We continue our growth and development plans and the 70th restaurant confirms that we have managed to be closer to our loyal clients. Everyone that would like to taste the delicious KFC products and to enjoy the latest offers and innovations is welcomed in this new location.”, declares Monica Eftimie, Chief Marketing Officer Sphera Franchise Group.

The KFC Drive-Thru restaurant from Olteniţei Street will be opened non-stop. Together with the inauguration of the new location, KFC continues its strategy to be available in as many cities as possible within the country and to offer to its consumers the most delicious and fresh food, prepared every day in the restaurants, by the cooks, after the secret recipe of colonel Sanders.


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