Silviu Grigorescu, the former CEO Hanner Romania, will pursue his personal projects in real-estate and constructions, while also maintaining his collaboration with the Hanner team

Hanner Romania is implementing management changes, following the new dynamics of the company portfolio and team evolution on the local market. The company has recently finalized sales for the residential project THE PARK, 460 apartments and amenities, a project worth over 40 mil EUR of investment. Subsequently, Hanner has started construction works for a mixed-use bold development, consisting of four monuments, new buildings and public spaces, in an effort to restore and convert the former Grivița Beer Factory.

Hanner Group OU investments in Romania amount to over 100 mil EUR. Currently all efforts are focusing on the beer factory restoration, called FOSTA FABRICĂ, but the company is still on a lookout for new investment opportunities. Hanner Group is present on markets such as Lithuania, Latvia, Romania, Ukraine, Russia and Belarus.

“We entered the local market with large residential projects, but we are interested now in developing mixed-use, with high community impact, co-working, retail and public spaces that we will continue to own and administrate after completion. The residential component will still be present” stated Mindaugas Valuckas, Member of the Board Hanner Group OU and CEO Hanner in Romania. “There is room for innovation in real-estate and we plan on creating or exploiting market segments that are not yet main focus for many of the players, bringing a new vision for a Bucharest that is more than ready to receive bold quality projects”, he added.

Mindaugas Valuckas is currently Member of the board of Hanner Group OU, the largest real estate developer in Lithuania, with over 16 years’ experience in Central and Eastern Europe. Mindaugas is a young businessman with entrepreneurial skills who runs a company with assets and developments portfolio of over EUR 1 billion. His career in Hanner began 13 years ago, immediately after he graduated school.

In 2009 he is appointed member of the board of Hanner AB and in 2013 he became CEO and member of the board of Hanner Group OU, the holding company of Hanner group of companies. He thus became directly responsible for all company activities with special focus on Latvian and Romanian projects.

Silviu Grigorescu has been part of the Hanner team on the local market for more than 10 years. His activity was instrumental for the further development of company operations in Bucharest. He held the CEO position throughout the duration of more than three years, while working to implement all the administrative aspects of THE PARK project and the early stages of Fosta Fabrică, for transaction, permitting and team selections.

“I gained a valuable experience in real estate alongside a very young team. I am eager to use this experience in new personal projects, while also working actively as a Hanner Romania team member. I am proud to have contributed to innovative developments such as THE PARK and to the implementation of the FOSTA FABRICA vision and I am looking forward to continue my work with Hanner” stated Silviu Grigorescu.

Silviu Grigorescu, 34 years old, graduated The Technical University of Civil Engineering in 2008, English section. He completed his education with a Master in Business Law and continued his development with hands on experience in Project Management, constructions and permitting.


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