A story told by Valeria Tudor, Founder & Owner of The House PR Agency

I was searching for a different place and for an uncommon agency. I wanted a place where I would feel understood, appreciated, where people’s open-mindness would be maximum, where the know-how transfer would be effected in a spontaneous way, naturally. Coming back after a masters in London, I was searching for the same multicultural vibe in my country, bearing in mind the idea that we are all different and that we should embrace this, that it might work as an asset in a team where everybody puts their skills at stake.

I didn’t find that place, so I created it. Not immediately, but after a few job switches, both at the client and in agency, jobs where I had the opportunity to overcome challenges which scoured me and that prepared me for what was to follow. I didn’t have a plan or a strategy of doing my own agency after x year, after x won pitches, after a x% rate of accounts worked on. Everything happened as an organic process, after my personal life has brought me the most precious gift: that of becoming a mother.

When my baby girl was six months, I started what is already known nowadays on the market as The House PR Agency. The name itself shows that one of the core values that lie at the heart of it is diversity. All of us, despite all the differences, we can work together under the same roof, where efficiency is perfectly bonded with creativity.

Focusing on results, we have demonstrated in our three-year existence on the market, that a small team might become competitive if it delivers. That it is not important where you are and from which distance you talk to the client, as long as s/he feels your close support. We have assumed that our role is to relieve the people who trust us and this is translated every time through high-standard communication services, which do not require external interventions, but rather focus on having an overview only and a final feedback on our work.

Right from the beginning, when our challenge was to build our portfolio, and our previous work as professionals didn’t count, so we had to start from scratch and to do our apprenticeship again with the agency, we have built our own instruments. The House PR Agency is also about commitment and about the desire to do the communicator’s job under any circumstances, to be professionals even after some series of “no” received from the client, to do our job as good as possible, with responsibility towards our team colleagues, towards the agency and towards the industry in general. We have embedded the idea of delivering something that would be fair to us at first hand, but the logic journey of things has demonstrated that in the majority of cases, the client was also happy.

The House PR Agency is also about authenticity. Despite the fact that it is a highly-circulated word during the last period, authenticity is reflected in our agency through the people who have been recruited. Each of them brings something new to the team, but the most valuable asset is the fact that they are true to themselves but also in relationship with their colleagues. We can allow ourselves to say things the way they are, without upsetting anyone. We can provide an honest feedback and then do our further tasks as good as previously done. There are also people who cannot overpass smoothly the honest discussions about commitment, therefore, their ways and ours have set their own tracks, more adequate for each of us. This is a lesson I had to learn the hardest way possible, but which comes useful now.

This year we already celebrate three years on the market, a period when we have learnt many and many things happened, when the pressure of being a small team meant that we had to solve everything, but this process did nothing less than to rally us to the global trend of delivering integrated communication. We are delighted to have now a portfolio with big names in it, with companies that have entrusted us with most of their communication endeavours on an indefinite timing, fact that confirms both our performance as a team and the viability of the business represented by The House PR Agency.

At the beginning of the agency, someone I cared for has named me Magic Maker, a denomination which I assimilated only when I understood what is it about and which I kept. Sometimes slower, sometimes more fast-paced, I always like to make things happen. An agency started from zero, as an entrepreneurship trial, starting from a 4000 EUR turnover after the first year, has come to the milestone of surpassing 115000 EUR in 2017, a clear sign that we align with small steps to the middle to big league, in the consecrated agencies cluster, a fact also confirmed by the fact that they started recruiting people from our team.

Despite the fact that we do not have an alert growth, as a friend would say, if the numbers in the table are the right ones, this means that we are on the good path. Not only that they are the right ones, but they actually show that we have numbers that increased five times every year. We are proud that this happened exclusively through teamwork and that every client we work for recommends us, which represents an extremely positive feedback for us and a confirmation that it is also possible this way, on a classic recipe: independent agency, 100% feminine ownership, no intermediate entries.

We started with some media relations and consultancy in some case, we entered afterwards the digital market, and now, The House PR Agency offers integrated communication services, from event management, to crisis communication or CSR. We are active supporters of social causes, from the first moments of the agency, when our resources where limited. We go further with the ACSIS Association and with the moms included in their programs, a cause we voted for internally and with which, not only myself, but the entire team resonates. In addition, last year we received the Business Woman Prize for Community Involvement.

As a crown on our previous work, at the end of last year we have also been designated the Small Consultancy of the Year 2017 by PR Award Romania. We have to own this year as well, to make it ours and to succeed in having new milestones and reach new standards, higher and higher. I wish that we never forget from where we started and to maintain our enthusiasm, to do not forget that it is our project, of those who work for it, but also of those who support it unconditionally. In a stream of emotion, I end this story by wishing to my colleagues and to people around us a sincere and trustful: “Happy anniversary!”



10 Samuil Vulcan St

031 100 19 15, Bucharest, Romania


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