Häfele Romania, a leading specialist for furniture fittings and architectural hardware, as well as electronic access control systems, announces the opening of its first local showroom in Bucharest that will feature the latest furniture technologies and smart solutions for architectural applications. The new exhibition space, with a total area of 150 square meters, becomes the ideal place where furniture manufacturers, interior designers, architects and consumers can discover the benefits of innovative furniture fittings.

”With the opening of our new showroom, we are inviting both architects, designers, furniture manufactures, as well as our partners to come to discover a part of Häfele’s universe, to interact with our sales consultants, with hundreds of products in order to benefit from our support on all the development phases of a project. This space is also addressed to consumers who want to know more about Häfele’s solutions, but also how the future will look in their home with the help of the smart and multifunctional furniture”, said Rodica Popescu, Managing Director of Häfele Romania.

The new showroom, where also Häfele’s office in Bucharest operates, is divided into two large areas: the operational area which is not exposed to customers and support the daily operations of the sales team, marketing and consultancy in the field of accessories, furniture fittings and architectural hardware, and the exhibition area, where our range of products can be tested, but especially here visitors can be counselled by specialists in choosing the right solutions for their projects.

Within the space you can see and test the Free lift-up fitting mechanisms, the Slido Classic solutions for easy and comfortable sliding, the Loox LED intelligent lighting systems, the Dialock access control technology, but also the range of drawers systems – Moovit MX. Also, the latest innovations, such as the new ixconnect furniture connectors, Easy Storage – the cabinet organiser system and the multi-functional mirror, demonstrate the continuously concern of Häfele to develop smart living solutions without neglecting the quality of life.

In 2017, the company generated a revenue of 8 million euros, even in the context of a year full of investments: implementing a new business management system – SAP, setting up the showroom design and constant trainings for the local team.

“We’ve managed to deliver 30,000 orders last year, more than 7,000 different items, with the help of more than 1,000 loyal partners, a clear evidence that Häfele is the choice for both residential and commercial areas. This year we are planning to open a new logistics center in Timisoara, to launch a new website with a shop integrated, and also to do product trainings for our customers in the new space”, adds Rodica Popescu.

Häfele has recently developed the revolutionary concept of smart living for small spaces called “MicroApart 20/30” that brings “More life per m²”, one of the greatest architectural challenges of our time. The concept allows real estate developers to create and deliver attractive, flexible, fast, efficient residential solutions. These small apartments cost less to be built, they consume less energy and are easier to maintain.

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