Recolamp Association, a non-profit organization founded by top lamp producers in Romania (Philips, Osram, GE and Narva), reported significant increase in the number of waste lamps collected in 2017, with numbers reaching 946 tons of equipment, which stands for a collection target of 48,57% of the average sales of producers in the field in the past three years.

Recolamp Association also reported development of the national collection infrastructure in 2017, counting partnerships with more than 16,000 generators in the field, 46 active collectors and 16 recycling companies. These partnerships helped Recolamp successfully represent 189 lamp producers in Romania, last year, which means the non-profit organization collected and recycled waste lamps on their behalf, according to the current legislation in the field (OUG 5/2015).

By representing these companies Recolamp succeeded to reach the legal collection target of 48,57% of the average sales of these producers in the past three years.

“We daily receive about 22 collection orders; this means we monthly collect waste lamps from 450 locations. We think of it to as a great evolution on the market, considering that just a few years ago most lamp producers in Romania had no idea of how dangerous this type of waste is. At the same time we keep doing large awareness campaigns, informing both the general public and our network, to get more and more people to collect and recycle waste lamps”, said Béla Kovács, general manager of Recolamp.

Last year, Recolamp celebrated ten years on the market, a decade of more than 3,650 tons of waste lamps collected and recycled in Romania.

“This year, Recolamp plans to expand the collection network to which it has added 300 new Green Corner locations in the first quarter. The organization is available to collect and recycle more waste lamps, counting more than 12,800 collection card boxes, 2,050 large containers and more than 890 Green Corner locations. Most of these can be found in public institutions and schools”, said Anca Lupusavei, marketing manager.

Recolamp can be the recycling partner of any type of public or private institution in Romania. Any company can obtain collection containers from Recolamp for free. Once at least 20 kg of waste is gathered or 100 waste lamps the organization picks it up and recycles it.





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