Atopic dermatitis is a disorder that manifests itself particularly in childhood, but can be seen in all age groups. According to studies *, 15% to 30% of children in industrialized countries are affected by atopic dermatitis, which requires daily and controlled skin care for sensitive skin.

To fight successfully against the unpleasant effects of this disease, A-DERMA has developed Bio-Vect technology (innovation 2017), which has direct action on micro-inflammation, which is the key to skin care with atopic dermatitis.

With a more effective formula, Exomega changes its name and becomes Exomega CONTROL. It provides the complete solution for atopic and very dry skin, with products for all age groups, even from the first day of life of the newborn.

The new Clean & Green Exomega CONTROL formulas are natural, non-preservative and are in the form of 3 personalized active textures, easy to apply:

  • milk – rich texture
  • cream – rich texture +
  • balm – rich texture ++


Exomega CONTROL products can be found in pharmacies.

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