At any time of the day and regardless of outside weather, a beautiful and healthy smile is the most affordable accessory. Silent, spontaneous, harsh or bold, anyway, smile conquers hearts, helps you to make new friends, raises morals and is extremely beneficial to health.

The key to a healthy smile that you can place with confidence in any situation is proper oral hygiene. This not only involves dental brushing, it also involves taking care of other areas such as tongue, gums and interdental spaces, which can often be incorrectly cleaned.

To avoid serious conditions, such as gingivitis and periodontitis, care of the oral cavity should also include the use of a dental floss and mouthwash.


One such product is EludrilCLASSIC, a mouthwash that offers many benefits for maintaining oral health:

  • Prevents and reduces bacterial plaque formation due to the two active ingredients: chlorhexidine and chlorobutanol
  • Calms sensitive gums
  • Helps prevent worsening of gum problems
  • It can be used as adjunct in post-implant treatments.

EludrilCLASSIC Mouthwash is used in dilution and can be used for up to two weeks and is indicated for adults and children over six years of age. Used according to the instructions for use, this product does not cause dental staining.

Eludril Classic is a product of Pierre Fabre Laboratories. Eludril mouthwash is available exclusively in pharmacies.

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