The Times – the prestigious British publication – provides an exclusive license through which Premier Estate Management obtains the rights to publish in Romania the Investment Supplement – Investing in Property. Premier Estate Management becomes the first real estate consultancy in Romania to obtain an exclusive license from the prestigious international media group, which also holds titles such as The Sunday Times in the UK or The New York Times in the US. 

The Times is the oldest newspaper in the United Kingdom, with an uninterrupted daily frequency of 234 years, even during the two world wars.

Investing in Property is a special report that presents a complete radiography of the most developed real estate markets in the world, covering residential, office and retail segments. The first issue will appear on the Romanian market in 2018 in a luxury format. In this regard, Premier Estate Management has entered into a strategic partnership with Lion House, which already has a The Times license for the legal field: Legal Innovation.

“This is the second license the Times gives to a Romanian company, after Legal Innovation for Lion House and the first license for a real estate publication. It is an honor for us, an entrepreneurial company with 100% Romanian capital, but also a professional opportunity to prove that in Romania we can make specialized press at the highest level and that we have a real estate market that deserves and is ready to enter the attention of the big international investors “, commented Andreea Comşa, Premier Estate Management CEO.

“It was a normal move that after the success of the Legal Inovation license, which coagulated Romanian lawyers in a single publication, an exclusive Gala to which we awarded 27 spectacular trophies, let us turn our attention to another trending field. The partnership with Premier Estate Management has thus become a natural step in the expansion of The Times in Romania “, completes Andrei Cristea, GM Lion House.

Built on the reputation of The Times, gained in nearly two and a half centuries of press at the highest level, and on the success of its first license in Romania, Legal Innovation, Investing in Property aims to achieve a standard of excellence in media and promote the domestic real estate market. The areas covered will be residential, office and retail. The main investment funds present in Romania, the most important developers and the most dynamic real estate brokers will be present on the pages of the first issue that will appear in the form of a comprehensive radiography of the Romanian real estate market. Special emphasis will be placed on cover stories and interviews with market leaders, people who run major residential, office and retail projects in Bucharest, Timisoara or Cluj-Napoca.

The license now obtained by Premier Estate Management will be developed in the coming years through professional events, award ceremonies and launch and conferences under the Invest in Property brand.

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