Danone launched a limited series of simple yogurts in a glass package that reproduces entirely the original packaging launched by the company 100 years ago. At the same time, consumers are invited to try a new range of Danone brand products – fruit yogurts, but also the Danone Delicios range, based on a new, more creamy consistency.

Danone is also launching an invitation to re-evaluate personal decisions and encouragement of options for good and simple things, a return to basic sustainable values.

“Under the Redescoperim message that is good , we advocate for the essence of Danone brand products: simplicity of ingredients and good taste. Yogurt, by its very nature, is a simple product made from milk and ferments, as is Danone Natural, the recipe introduced on the market four years ago, whose positive role for health has convinced more and more people to transforms its consumption into a daily habit, “explains Natalia Gelstein, General Manager of Danone Romania and Bulgaria.

“We notice an increased appetite of Romanians for yogurts and a diversification of their options. Even if we are below the European average, with about 6kg of yogurt per capita, compared to 20kg in Bulgaria or 14kg in Poland, we are witnessing a growing concern to improve nutrition and product quality, with the highest rate of rising consumption of yogurt in Europe, “says Natalia Gelstein.

Danone ensures that for every yogurt marketed by the Bucharest plant the highest consumer value is offered: starting with the best milk, over 1,600 quality tests, high standards of hygiene and food safety observed from the farm to the factory and then down to the shelf, but also the flavor of recipes developed and checked years after years and ferments that bring all the digestive benefits of yogurt. More than 55 million liters of milk collected mostly from farmers and Romanian households is used to make yogurt.

Danone Romania is the market leader in yoghurt. The company has in its portfolio dozens of product assortments, made mostly in the factory in Bucharest, with milk collected from Romanian farmers. Yoghurt market has grown by 9.8% in 2017 compared to 2016, according to Nielsen Retail Audit.

Danone Romania is part of the Danone company, active in the fields of: fresh dairy products, bottled mineral water, baby food and advanced medical nutrition. The Danone Factory in Bucharest produced the first yoghurts in May 1999.

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