We all love the sun, but we know too well that unprotected exposure accentuates the aging process of the skin, spots may appear, and the epidermis becomes dry and less elastic. There are, however, effective solutions that allow us to enjoy both the benefits of exposure to the sun and at the same time to correct small imperfections. The products developed by Ducray Laboratories through the Melascreen range protect the skin against photo-aging and blot out sunspots.

When we go to the beach, the skin care ritual must include sunscreen creams or lotions to protect us from the less-known, and apparently harmless, effects of sun exposure.

In the Melascreen range we have this type of product :

Cream of the rich and loose cream with SPF 50+ action against photo-aging – they limit and reduce hyperpigmentation. Due to the Vitamin E content, they prevent the sun’s negative effects on the skin, such as premature aging.

Anti-aging anti-aging dermatological serum – The product helps to remove brown spots, smooths skin, moisturizes and revitalizes the epidermis and, in addition, has anti-oxidative action.

Night Anti-Aging Night Cream – Helps to smooth the skin, corrects brown spots, moisturizes and revitalizes the epidermis.

If the sun has already put a negative mark on your skin or hands, do not worry. Ducray has created the right solutions for these issues:

Cream with intense action against brown spots – Helps reduce stains and gives brightness to localized hyperpigmentation areas.

Light cream and rich cream against pigment stains – Lightens and uniformizes skin color, slows melanin production, has anti-oxidative action and provides UVA / UVB protection.

Anti-wrinkle, anti-wrinkle & SPF50 + Hand Cream – Removes brown spots, moisturizes and revitalizes the epidermis. In addition, it has a UV protection factor of 50+.

Ducray Laboratories have been innovating in the field of dermatological cosmetics for over 85 years.

All Ducray products are part of a systematic program for evaluating active principles, including dermatological tests. The resulting formula is always consistent with the highest safety standards, ensuring consistent quality with maximum efficiency and tolerance.

Ducray products are available in pharmacies.

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