Nordic Food, one of the largest food distribution companies in retail and HoReCa, estimates this year an increase on turnover of 15%, from 241 million lei last year, growth based on increased consumption and brands and new products included, said general manager of Nordic Food Romania, Ciprian Moldoveanu.

He also says he wants to hire 50-60 people this year in all departments, but complains about the lack of skilled human resources. “We want to grow much faster, because if there were more changes last year, this year being a more stable team, we want to have an  evolution of 15%. This increase is based on increasing consumption, as well as new brands we bring and new products,” said Ciprian Moldoveanu. In 2017, the turnover reached 241 million lei, 5% higher than in 2016.

The company announced that it transfers management to the second generation, so that Ciprian Moldoveanu takes over the management of the family business. The company has accumulated more than 2,500 premium international products distributed nationwide in its portfolio for 25 years. With the change of management, the company underwent an extensive rebranding process.

“The most important element of the rebranding process was the change of visual identity applied across the group. That meant new websites, a new headquarters in the northern area of ​​the capital, new equipment, cars, tickets, business cards, etc.”, explained Ciprian Moldoveanu. Also, Nordic Food has recently acquired Dupont, one of its leading competitors in the distribution of French pastry-confectionery products in HoReCa.

Nordic Food, with full Romanian capital, was established in 1994 under the name Nordic Import-Export CO. Today, Nordic Food is a sales, marketing and merchandising company with national coverage. The company’s portfolio includes 2,500 food products: fresh products, frozen products, specialized ingredients, fruits & vegetables.

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