Mobile phone accessories sales will see significant increases over the next three months compared to other times in the year, amid greater demand from users, driven by the consumer behavior of Romanian buyers who want high quality products at affordable data, shows data presented by Avenir Telecom.

“We are seeing increases in sales of mobile accessories on all distribution channels, but especially in gas stations where, in the summer, we expect 60% sales growth. We are presenting Energizer accessories in more than 400 such sales outlets nationwide, “says Costin Soare, general manager of Avenir Telecom, noting that the influx of holidaymakers in the summer holiday is the main engine sales growth on this distribution channel.

Avenir Telecom is a distributor of telephones, mobile phone accessories and telecommunication services in Romania and the local subsidiary of the French group Avenir Telecom SA, one of Europe’s largest distributors of telecommunications equipment and services, and the manufacturer and distributor of Energizer accessories and phones .

In Romania, Avenir Telecom operates one of the largest GSM retailers, Internity, with a national network of 50 stores.

What accessories for mobile phones buy Romanians, especially in the summer:  car chargers, external batteries, fast chargers (at the socket) . Using the smartphone in the few hours spent in the car to the destination certainly means a lot of energy and therefore also means a test for the phone battery. And car chargers and external batteries are a great solution not to get power on the phone; charging / data cables – are among the indispensable accessories that are most easily lost. And a quality cable contributes to the smooth operation of the phone and ensures fast data transfer; protective covers– a more active lifestyle-specific lifestyle attracts more casualties, and a bumper case that absorbs mechanical shocks is the best protection solution for mobile phones; protective foils – is the most handy solution to protect the phone from scratches, dust and drops of water and  memory cards – the large number of photos and videos made in the summer quickly depletes the standard memory for smartphones. That’s why memory cards, which can extend the phone’s memory, are a solution for keeping all the important moments of the holiday in one place.

Tips for protecting your mobile phone during the summer:

Avoid intensive use of smartphones

The risk of some components overheating and yielding increases when the ambient temperature exceeds 30 degrees Celsius and the phones are used for an uninterrupted period of time;

Avoid exposing your mobile phones to direct sunlight

Long-term exposure to smartphones increases the risk of overheating, may cause battery growth, which may damage other components. In addition, strong sunlight produces adverse effects on the display. At the same time, rapid heating of the phone reduces its useful life and performance;

Purchase a pouch and a protective foil

At the beach and off-road journeys, for example, sand and dust particles can scratch the surface of the protective glass with which smartphones are provided;

Avoid producing mechanical shocks

The more active life style, which is specific to the summer season, also has an incidence of phone faults due to mechanical shocks. For an unpretentious summer, the use of a bumper case that absorbs mechanical shocks is the best protection solution for mobile phones;

Avoid phone contact with water

In the summer, the frequency of situations where mobile phones accidentally fall into the water increases. Therefore, it is recommended to use a cover that gives the waterproof phone.

Ensure proper mobile phone cleaning

In the summer, removing the mobile phone screen with disinfecting napkins is recommended as a result of exposure to various creams and lotions used at the beach. In the absence of proper cleaning, the grease on the screen, in contact with the skin, may cause various conditions;

Use quality accessories and certificates

To ensure good operation of mobile phones and not affect their performance, it is recommended to use quality accessories and certificates.



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