The International Working Group (IWG), founded in Belgium in 1989, holding Regus and SPACES in Romania, appointed Ramona Predescu (Iacob) Country Manager for Romania.

In her new position, Ramona Predescu (Iacob) manages the IWG Group operations in Romania, continues the development of the Regus brand and will implement the SPACES concept. Ramona will closely work to meet the the Group’s business objectives by creating and implementing the sales and marketing strategy, by coordinating the human resources activities – recruitment, training and mentoring, as well as by carrying out a comprehensive customer satisfaction plan.

Out of her 10 years’ experience with Regus Romania, Ramona Predescu (Iacob) spent the last 5 years as Country Manager of the company.

„I am honored with this position, and, at the same time, it is a challenge in the context of the workspace revolution, a phenomenon that is strong in Romania, as the latest IWG study shows – about 60% of Romanian employees work remotely at least once a week. We are in a turning point in which both employers and employees opt for workspaces that inspire them and help them to capitalize on the opportunities of the digital age. I also want to clarify the differences that arise between the concepts of co-working and flexible workspaces”, says Ramona Predescu (Iacob), Country Manager of IWG in Romania.

„For us, Ramona is a strategic choice, based on the solid results she achieved for Regus. Moreover, we are linked by some common values ​​such as the courage to innovate and adapt a business concept to the real needs of companies in the digital age, be it startups, local or multinational companies. Romania is a country with a dynamic and enthusiastic entrepreneurial environment, a country in which global companies have come and succeeded. Through Regus and more recently through SPACES, we want to show our long term commitment to support business people who believe in the power of communities to generate ideas that boost business growth”, says Mark Dixon, founder and CEO of IWG.

IWG owns about 20,000 m2 in Romania, with 8 locations of Regus in Bucharest and 2 more SPACES locations to be launched this autumn – Unirii View Tower (Corneliu Coposu 6-8) and the Campus Complex 6.1 (Iuliu Maniu Blvd. 6).

The portfolio of the group-owned companies in Romania is made up of start-ups, local companies and multinational companies in areas such as IT&C, consulting, telecomm, tourism, human resources or e-commerce.


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