The City Grill Group, which currently manages 19 restaurants and cafes, registered a turnover of 81 million lei in the first six months of the year, up 15% over the same period of the previous year, dynamic based on new open spaces in 2017, as well as investments in older units.

The first six months of the year were marked by the investment in the redevelopment of the restaurant Pescăruş, a project worth 300,000 euros, and the beginning of the works on a major project for the construction of an additional space for the Hanu ‘Berari restaurant – the Soare House. The project has a budget of 1.5 million euros and involves the construction of an event hall for 180 people as well as an operating space for the kitchen.  In the first months, City Grill inaugurated the Trattoria Buongiorno Historic Center and Trattoria Buongiorno Arena.

“Hanu’ Berarilor – The Soare House is a historic A-class monument, the same class as the Arc de Triomphe, so any construction or fitting works we carry out at this restaurant bear a further responsibility. The flow of foreign tourists attracted to this restaurant is growing up and we expect Hanu ‘Berarilor to be just as popular as Caru’ cu bere is in a few years time. With this investment, our goal is that Hanu’ Berarilor can accommodate large-scale events and space in the wine cellar , currently occupied with the kitchen, to become space for customers,” says Daniel Mischie, CEO of City Grill Group.

The total investment budget for this year is 4.5 million euros , targeting the development and operational projects, Academia City Grill and technology projects.

In the first six months, nearly 4 % of the group’s sales went through the Out4food loyalty program , and the number of transactions increased by 18%. The number of active accounts increased by 17% and the retention in the application was 99.56%.

The Out4Food application is used by a very loyal audience, attracted by the entire portfolio of restaurants in the City Grill Group, who prefer traditional Croatian and Italian cuisine but who constantly experiment and seek recipes to convince them to come back. open to new, connect to technology and trends, and with a strong propensity for a healthy life. I often use fitness apps and do sports a few times a week, “adds Daniel Mischie.

City Grill currently manages 19 restaurants and cafes, opened under the brands Caru ‘Cu Bere, Hanu’ lui Manuc, Pescăruş, Brewery Inn, Trattoria Buongiorno, City Grill and City Café. In 2017, the City Group announced business of 33.7 million euros, up 11%.


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