L’Oreal Romania enters the e-commerce market with its first online store. Launched by Kiehl’s brand, www.kiehls.ro is an important step in the company’s strategy of expanding into the online retail market, where it joined five years ago with e-retailer partners.

“Approaching consumers in our own stores has allowed us to better understand their behavior and needs. First of all, they need products to be properly recommended and to deliver. Second, they also need easy and constant access to them. The Kiehl’s brand responds to these needs through the services, consultations and testing opportunities offered to customers in their own shops. By launching www.kiehls.ro we are trying to bring online offline experience. Online commerce is an excellent opportunity to allow Romanian consumers access to efficient and quality products, no matter where they come from. At the same time, development in the e-commerce area allows us to sustainably grow our own retail network,” said Cosmin Ban, general manager luxury division L’Oreal Romania.

In Romania, 30% of the urban population makes their purchases online, and electronic commerce accounts for 5.6% of the total retail market. Regarding cosmetics, 7.9% of them are sold online. Over the past two years, the Romanian e-commerce market has had the highest growth in Central and Eastern Europe, and beauty and fashion products are the third most-purchased category online.

“Digital and beauty go hand in hand, and e-commerce is one of the strategic pillars for company development. Moreover, digitization and social networks have a strong impact on the cosmetics market. Basically, we turn our business every day and allow us to better understand consumers, create products and services tailored to their needs, and interact more easily with them. For L’Oreal, digital acceleration means creating an ecosystem to meet consumer demands, especially in terms of time, availability, maneuverability and complementary services that increase the effect and improve the experience of using the cosmetic product. And e-commerce is, of course, the red thread of this ecosystem,” said Anca Stefan, digital and consumer intelligence manager al L’Oreal Romania.

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