The structure of shareholders change within the Nordic Group, after Moldoveanu family takes over the majority stake in Nordic Food and Nordic Logistic, Romanian companies specializing in the import, marketing and distribution of premium food products. The transaction was authorized by the Competition Council.

Following the transaction, Moldoveanu family,  meaning and Ciprian Moldoveanu, general manager Nordic Food and his father, Valentin Moldoveanu, one of the three founders of the Nordic Group, will hold 94% of the shares. Sara Pufan, associate, remains with a minority stake, while Iulia Stana decided to withdraw from business.

The transaction is a natural step in the development process of the two companies, with the change of business strategy and generations of entrepreneurs. Ciprian Moldoveanu will retain management responsibilities within the group, being directly responsible for his strategic development plan.

“We have taken over the management of Nordic Food and Nordic Logistics with great responsibility and  my goal is to take these companies to the next level. In the last year we have gone through a vast process of change that helped shape the new vision of the group. We believe that the new shareholder structure will support our strategy and will allow us to focus on the objectives we have set, thus accelerating the implementation of the new vision,” said Ciprian Moldoveanu, General Manager of Nordic Food.

“For Nordic Food and Nordic Logistics, 2018 is a year of opportunities and development. We started with the acquisition of Dupont Ingredient, one of our main competitors in the product area dedicated to confectioners and HoReCa. A 150,000-euro investment in the new Warehouse Management System, a team development program that involved an investment of over € 100,000 and the inauguration of the Floresti commune, was followed. We believe we can lead the group to the next level and the changes are part of this process,” explained Ciprian Moldoveanu, General Manager of Nordic Food.

For the current year, the company has budgeted investments in several areas to develop its business as sustainable as: 150,000 euros were allocated to the IT system for warehouse management, a project started last year and finalized this month, tens of thousands of euros in the modernization of the Timisoara warehouse, a place where goods imported from Europe will be imported and later distributed throughout the country, and around 100,000 euros in modernizing the fleet of vans.


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