The smartphone market in Romania recorded a 40% increase over the same period in 2017 in the first half of the year, due to acquisition of higher performing models at a higher price, according to a study done by Avenir Telecom.

Also, the survey results show that the average price of smartphones sold in Romania exceeded 200 euros in the first semester of this year, up 13% from the average price recorded last year.

“Consumers have begun to focus on higher-value handsets, showing a preference for purchasing flagship manufacturers. In the purchasing decision, consumers were helped by operators’ offers as well as by aggressive promotions of retailers, both offline and online,” the release said.

Centralized data shows that the evolution of the smartphone market has been driven by both general consumption growth and the change in the strategy of manufacturers that have launched more mid-and high-end phone models in the market, thus shifting consumer attention to these categories of smartphones.

In this context, Avenir Telecom launched earlier this year the series of premium Energizer mobile phones, models with long battery life and sold to users along with protective accessories.

“We will continue this year and we will introduce new models of Energizer phones this autumn. Thus, the range of phones will be complemented by eight new models, five of which will be top-rated, high-performance and high-quality smartphones with long battery life, performance features with high- end, but at a better price,” said Costin Soare, general manager of Avenir Telecom.


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