Integra HR, a Recruitment and Human Resources Consultancy Company, launches IntegraHR Shop, the first online store in Romania with professional HR procedures available for immediate download. 

More than 40 HR documents are currently available in the online store, covering six main categories: job postings, recruitment and selection, orientation and onboarding, development programs, motivation and retention, and administrative.

By the end of the year, IntegraHR Shop will list about 100 human resources procedures. The prices of products available in the online store start from 100 lei and reach 1,000 lei.

“In the context of digitization, we considered it necessary to pass online some of the human resources procedures we already offer offline to our clients, who thus understood that the impact of the technology used in HR is a positive one for the entire activity of an organization”, said Andreea Muresan, Managing Partner Integra HR.

“Starting from these premise, we launched IntegraHR Shop, a unique online store in Romanian ecommerce and among the few of its kind in Europe, from which customers can quickly download in maximum 24 hours the most important documents human resources for a company, which they can use right away,” she added.

In recent years, the Romanian labor market has become increasingly complex, on the one hand organizations experiencing problems such as skills shortages in certain industries or demographic changes, on the other, taking advantage of the untapped benefits of digitization. Thus, organizations have redefined recruitment and selection processes, workforce planning or team management, and HR has had to keep up with these changes.

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