Ariston Thermo announces the launch of the “Ariston Comfort Challenge” project, which successfully reflects the mission of the company, to bring comfort where it seems impossible to achieve.

So, in order to provide an adequate framework for researchers studying climate change in Greenland, Ariston has built an innovative modular house called the Ariston Comfort Zone, which he donated to the University of Copenhagen.

Warmed by one of the thermal power plants produced by the company, the Ariston House will allow researchers to continue their studies in a comfortable space, even in polar winter.

With the launch of his first global campaign, Ariston Thermo officially announces the successful completion of the Ariston Comfort Challenge – Greenland. For this project, the company has assumed the delivery of all the necessary materials and the construction of an innovative and warm modular house in the heart of the frozen Qeqertarsuaq, known as Disco Island.

Located on the west coast of Greenland, Disko is the workspace of the Copenhagen University Researchers’ team, where they collect and examine evidence of new findings on climate change. Until now, due to very low temperatures and adverse weather conditions, it has not been possible to conduct on-site activity for at least a few days without adequate infrastructure in the winter months, the most important season of the year for new collection relevant data in the next phases of the research.

In this regard, the team led by Professor Morten Rash of the Institute of Geosciences and Natural Resources Management at the University of Copenhagen needed a stable base at the heart of the island – where temperatures are between -20 ° and -50 ° C in the winter – which allows the actual research to be carried out and at the same time ensures the necessity of daily living comfort, sheltered by extreme, unfavorable meteorological conditions.

“Ariston Comfort Challenge – Greenland Mission” is a campaign that we are very proud of. This new direction allows the brand to open its doors to new challenges, customers and partnerships, redefining our mission to bring comfort to everyone, even when it seems difficult or impossible to achieve. As Country Manager of Ariston Romania, I am pleased to introduce this completely innovative way to reflect the mission of our company on the local market, “said Cătălin Dragăuleanu.

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