Secom, a leader in integrative medicine solutions, complements its natural food supplements and natural cosmetics portfolio with a new product category: TEALIA premium premium tea ingredients.

Secom sells 17 TEALIA Tea Assortments this month, exclusively on the local market : 2 varieties of black tea, 5 kinds of green tea, 8 types of herbal teas and 2 desert teas to meet various needs and tastes of tea consumers in Romania. TEALIA products will be available at Secom stores, at, at pharmacies and partner shops.

TEALIA is a representative brand for the tea industry in Sri Lanka. The products are distinguished by their superior quality, influenced both by the ingredients used, the Pure Ceylon tea cultures coming from Sri Lanka’s limited and controlled agro-climatic areas, and by the traditional production process that preserves the tea leaf properties, providing a genuine consumer experience a richer flavor.

” Diversifying Secom’s portfolio with a new category of products in the health & wellness area is a strategic decision that supports our credo to improve the quality of people’s lives. Premium TEALIA Tea, with superior ingredients and health benefits, integrates seamlessly into Secom’s portfolio of natural products that can meet the diverse needs of Romanians and support a healthy lifestyle,” said Lucia Costea, Managing Partner Secom.

At present, Secom portfolio includes over 400 premium natural products with high quality ingredients in three categories: food supplements, teas and state-of-the-art natural cosmetics.

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