ACM Laboratoire Dermatologique launched Duolys, a complete range of anti-aging products designed to restructure and hydrate all skin types:

Serum for 30+

Duolys CE Intensive Antioxidant Serum, the starter product of the new range, has a 15% pure C stabilized vitamin C which, along with natural vitamin E, neutralizes free radicals. With antioxidant effect, the serum redefines the firmness of the skin, corrects the signs of aging skin and has a pigmentary anti-stain action, evening the skin. The product benefits from innovative packaging in that the dose of vitamin C is found in the form of a powder in a hermetically sealed capsule, which allows it to keep its active properties. This serum was awarded in 2017 by consumers with the Les Victoires Award from Beaute, the only prize offered to cosmetics by the test.

Serum for 40+

Duolys Hyal Intensive Anti-Aging Serum has anti-aging moisturizing effects.

The 5% pure vitamin C, combined with natural vitamin E and zinc lactate, restore firmness to the skin, correct signs of aging by stimulating collagen synthesis and neutralizing free radicals. Serum also protects and actively restores the skin barrier, and hyaluronic acid improves skin hydration. A few drops of serum applied on the face, neck, and neckline in the morning provide glow, smoothness, luster and softness to the skin.

SPF 50

And because we’d like the sun, we know its rays mature the skin, Duolys SPF 50+ Skin Anti-Aging Cream was created to protect and prevent aging of the skin’s skin.

The product contains organic, mineral filters and pearl powder, providing very high protection against the entire UVA / UVB spectrum. Also, the ingredients of the product, combined with natural vitamin E, have antioxidant and anti-aging action. It does not contain perfume and is water resistant, with an ultra-fluid and light texture. It has a cutaneous tolerance, and excellent ocular tolerance.

Eye care

Duolys Eye Contour Cream Smoothes wrinkles, diminishes the size of the bags around the eyes, attenuates the eyebrows. It also improves the hydration of the skin around the eyes and restores the hydrolipidic film. This fast-absorbing cream is applied in the morning and / or evening with delicate tapestries of the eye contours, from the inside to the outside, with immediate freshness effect.

For mixed or dry skin

Duolys Moisturizing Anti-Aging Moisturizer is available in two versions:

  •   Lejera: For normal or mixed skin, with a light and delicate texture;
  •   Rich: For dry and dry skin, with an honest texture.

Both contain a liquid crystal emulsion to facilitate hydration and a more pleasant touch to touch. The product actively fixes the skin barrier, restores the hydrolipidic film, providing long-lasting hydration. The product has a hypoallergenic scent and a very high tolerance.

All of these Duolys products do not have a fat or sticky effect, with a texture that allows them to quickly penetrate the skin.

The ACM Laboratoire Dermatologique team develops dermatocosmetic products adapted to the needs of skin, hair and nails for over 20 years. The products follow a rigorous chart: they are developed in close collaboration with dermatologists and patients; no value-added innovation, no active ingredient that is not absolutely necessary, no unjustified assertion – this is the rigor of a combined medical and cosmetic culture.

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