Kinder celebrates 50 years of existence around the world. On this occasion, younger and older fans of the brand are invited to enjoy together at an anniversary party on October 14, starting at 14:00, at the University Square.

At # Kinder50ani, the brand has prepared several fun games and activities whereby those present can interact and know the story of Kinder products. Gasca Zurli, Magician Robert Tudor, Selly, as well as other surprise guests will come to celebrate Kinder.

The host of the event will be Robert Tudor, the child-loving magician, who will also perform a show. Together we can enjoy a moment of improvisation with our little ones, as well as a show with soap bubbles. Gusca Zurli will turn the afternoon into a party and stage a magical show of imagination. And for adolescents, Kinder prepared a surprise: invited one of their favorite Selly vloggers to get acquainted with and be able to spend #MomenteDeBucurie together and off-line.

The Kinder story begins in 1968, in the center of Alba, Italy. Here, an idea from the heart has become Kinder, the brand known to everyone today. Michele Ferrero, the son of a chocolatier, sought to create a special chocolate made for children, with more milk and less cocoa that the little ones and their parents would love. Since then, Kinder has been creating snacks loved by children, taking into account their needs and their parents.

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