Beginning in September, Dacia Automobile Customers can make down payment online for the purchase of a Dacia car with a bank card through NETOPIA PAYMENTS, the largest electronic payment processor in Romania.

Those interested can choose their desired model by selecting their preferred platform options and then can book their available car directly, paying a reservation fee of 500 Euros, which turns in advance when the order is confirmed. The fee can be paid by entering the details of a credit or debit card via NETOPIA PAYMENTS.

Moreover, users who have installed the mobilePay Wallet application developed by NETOPIA PAYMENTS can benefit from instant payout by simply scanning the QR code available on the pay page.

“The fact that we live in a digitized era gives us the opportunity to greatly simplify our activities, even when we are talking about buying a new car. Together with our partners at Automobile Dacia we come up with innovative solutions that are currently connected, offering our users and customers simple, efficient and time saving payment experiences,” says Antonio Eram, CEO and founder of NETOPIA PAYMENTS.

“Dacia continues the process of improving the online experience and simplifies the process of purchasing its cars in stock by offering the possibility to book a car on the internet with a bank card. Netopia Payments was the obvious choice for our online sales platform due to the proven experience they have, due to their flexibility and because we want our customers to benefit from fast and secure transactions offered by a processor,”  says Mihai Tanase, Head of Digital & CRM, Renault Commercial Roumanie.

NETOPIA PAYMENTS strengthens its portfolio of automotive customers, Automobile Dacia being the first Romanian car manufacturer to introduce the digital payment for the purchase of a car.

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