RePatriot Summit, 3rd edition started this Thursday in Alba Iulia, reuniting over 200 entrepreneurs from Diaspora and the country, entrepreneurs who promoted Romania as an investment opportunity destination.

Founded in 2015, the RePatriot initiative responds to a dramatic reality of Romania, the European country that has lost over the last decades four million citizens, the European country that has exported practically many people made to do business, courageous people with spirit of initiative and adventure, ready to take risks, people who have launched businesses and produced welfare in the West.

Animated by Western business model and love of the country, under the slogan “We make Romania better!”, successful entrepreneurs from Diaspora and the country shares experiences and establish connections these days in the Union town of 1918. “But it’s not just history, it’s about the future,” said Marius Bostan entrepreneur and initiator of RePatriot. “We do, we emphasize this. We do good things individually and together to conclude projects as a community. This union between Western and Romanian entrepreneurs is an important anchor of Western stability, “in a geopolitical context that may become dangerous,” is an additional safety anchor for both entrepreneurs and their Romanian families.”

“Romania is no longer just a promise, but it’s a certainty,” said Dragoş Rosca, president of Romanian Business Leaders. “Unlike 10, 15 years ago, Romania has passed the potential for certainty. There are many areas in which Romania performs. The IT is probably the best performing domain, a field that has grown enormously over the past ten years, with businesses made by implicitly large corporations, as well with a highly developed system of Romanian companies who are active in IT as global leaders in their fields, in the most selective league, still in the ownership of the Romanian founders. Then it was always said that Romania has a fabulous potential in the field of agriculture. Nowadays, today is about certitude: in cereals culture, Romania is the top in Europe, the vineyard and viticulture have modernized with European funds, and performed in food processing”. Dragos Rosca has also mentioned tourism, real estate and retail as areas where Romania becomes a certainty. “The country’s face is changing, it is a much more favorable context than it was in the past for doing business in Romania,” concluded the President of the Romanian Business Leaders.

Sandra Pralong, State Councilor at the Romanian Presidency, conveyed the greeting of President Klaus Iohannis, who, at Cotroceni, hosted the first edition of this summit in 2016, in an effort to change the paradigm by which the Romanian state is referring to the Romanians from Diaspora.

“I invite you to be demanding with us, the representatives of the state,” said Sandra Pralong. “For the state to be able to perform, I ask you to be as exigent as possible with state institutions and to be as vocal over the expectations you have from the state. Only this way Romania will become better and will receive you in the way you deserve. The state will perform only if you will put pressure on the institutions.”

Born in Oradea and formed in Israel, arrived in Alba Iulia directly from Silicon Valley, George Haber is one of the most famous and prolific entrepreneurs in America, who emphasized the need to exploit the creativity and adaptability specific to the Romanians. There are traits gained in history from the setting up of a Latin country among peoples with so many different cultures, George Haber said. “Instead of complaining about the bad things that have happened to us, let us understand that we have acquired qualities that other Latin peoples do not have. Let’s turn the disadvantages of history and turn them into advantages. 100 years after reunification, let’s make a new plan “, he exposed the vision as entrepreneur from Silicon Valley who founded several companies sold afterwards for hundreds of millions of dollars.

“In ten years, we should become the most efficient technology center in the world. Machine learning is the biggest change the Earth has seen, which in decades will totally change everything. It is a high tech context in which Romania has an extraordinary advantage, because we have what is missing from others, we have this multiculturalism + creativity, an absolutely necessary engine that the English, American or French school does not possess. If we focus on technologies, we can become the light of the future in 10 years. This is my vision in a world that is evolving towards technology, “said George Haber.

Romania was presented as an “investment destination”: by Camelia Şucu – co-founder of ClassIN, Felix Patrascanu – managing director of FAN Courier, Bianca Grip – founder of Grip Ads, Simona Pirtea – Pirtea Law Office managing director, Florin Furdui, Sorin Mîndruţescu – Oracle Romania Country Leader, Mihai Dohotar, Entrepreneur in Greece and Mirabela Miron, President of Avisso.

Representatives of the administration and the political environment will also be present at the summit: Senator Viorel Badea, Mayor of Resita, Ioan Popa, and Alba Iulia Mayor, Mircea Hava.

A real entrepreneur of the urban areas, the city manager of Alba Iulia Nicolae Moldovan welcomed the participants, explaining the success of the municipality through the model of administration inspired by the entrepreneurial business model, respecting the organizational principles of the performing companies.

A similar perspective was brought by Ioan Popa, the former owner of the company Monte Banato the pasta brand, now the mayor of Resita: “I am trying to repair the city I live from an entrepreneur’s perspective, to create a favorable environment to those who want to invest “. The first measure of Ioan Popa was to cut taxes, and the mayor of Reşiţa, the former businessman, now compliments itself:” I have the lowest local taxes in Romania. Opportunities are great in the cities that are a bit behind, and Resita is a city that has lost in the past the start line. ”

On the occasion of the third edition of the RePatriot Summit, the participants will celebrate at the Coronation Cathedral in Alba Iulia (Orthodox), as well at the Cathedral of the ‘Holy Trinity’ (Greco-Catholic) and at the Liberty Plain in Blaj, places which are blessed and where the political struggle for uniting the country began in 1848, who finally was completed on 1 December 1918 and was celebrated in 1922 by the crowning of sovereigns of Great Romania, King Ferdinand and Queen Mary.


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