IKEA Romania announced that it has registered a 10.6% increase in sales in the financial year September 2017 – August 2018, to 609.35 million lei, excluding VAT. 

In the financial year 2018, the IKEA store in Bucharest had 1,092 employees in total, an increase of 57.1% over the previous financial year. The average age of employees is 34 years. The total number of products purchased was more than 18.6 million, over 3.2 million people visited the store, and almost 18 million unique visitors visited www.IKEA.ro.

Of the 18.6 million IKEA products that arrived in Romanian homes, 62.4% were furniture and 37.6% accessories.

Of the 18.6 million IKEA products that arrived in the Romanian homes, 62.4% were furniture items and 37.6% accessories. The best-selling family of bedroom furniture was HEMNES, with 29,452 units, while the NATTJASMIN Bedding range was the most popular in the accessories category, with 68,871 units sold , and white was preferred by most of buyers.

When it comes to IKEA FOOD, the best-selling were Swedish meatballs with over six million pieces, while the length of 474 kilometers of nearly three million hot dogs sold would cover the distance from Bucharest to Constanta and back.


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