This autumn, IKEA launches four new collections. The limited collections GRATULERA and SJÄLVSTÄNDIG, as well as the LUSTIGT long-term collection, are available in the store this month. But that’s not all: winter is coming, and so is the VINTER collection from IKEA!


The GRATULERA  collection returns with the following two anniversary editions. In October, IKEA presents the colorful and specially selected products of the 1970s and 1980s, followed in December by the minimalist items of the 1990s and 2000s. The vintage collection includes pieces of furniture, lighting fixtures, kitchenware and more in limited edition.


Play has an extremely positive impact on both children and adults alike, really contributing to a better day-to-day life. Therefore, all IKEA products for play are inspired by this. LUSTIGT is about playing for the sake of play, both for children and adults. It’s a collection that has something for everyone; paper rolls for coloring, puzzle, a jumping string, a loom, a ball game and more. Let’s enjoy playing through the LUSTIGT collection, available in stores and online.


The limited edition SJÄLVSTÄNDIG collection consists of products that release convention people in the furnishing of their own space. Inspired by “hacking” and DIY (Do It Yourself), these pieces have been created so you can give them a personal touch.

“We have turned the subject of creativity back and forth and tried to find out what it means to be rebellious and independent when it comes to home furnishings. We also explored ways we could allow people to change, play, and build on what we’ve created, “explains IKEA Creative Leader, Maria O’Brian.

Design team research has resulted in a fairly strong collection of colors, bold colors and models, such as a paper shade, an intense pink-salmon shade and a cone-shaped yellow pillow.

This curiosity has led to the creation of various products such as modular carpets, pillows in various shapes, furniture legs that can be added and much more. The new collection is now available in the IKEA Băneasa store and online.


Winter collection is coming, and IKEA prepares decorations. This year, IKEA is ready, as always, to prepare people for that intense, relaxing, social, solitary, cold, warm period that comes with the winter holidays.

The VINTER Collection offers everything you need for your holiday needs and dreams: accessories, lighting fixtures, gift boxes and packages, Christmas tree decorations, flowers and even a fir tree. The VINTER collection is now available in the IKEA Băneasa store and online.

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