Andrei Nourescu, host of the Boggi Milano event, presented to the guests Eli Roman, Nono Semen, Livia Graur, Simona Taranu, Ionuţ Sava, Cristina Şişcanu, Maria Andreea, Dacian Foldi, together with stylists, journalists and bloggers, the new autumn-winter collection 2018 Boggi Milano and the strengths of the men’s brand founded in 1939 and renowned for excellence in tailoring and high quality materials.


The collection, already available in Boggi Milano’s shop in Baneasa Shopping City, was inspired by the contemporary, intelligent and sophisticated contemporary style that wants to keep its relaxed look while being aware of the demands of the present. Whether we are talking about jackets, sweaters on the neck and at the base of the neck, or with the knit trousers, never before this combination has reached such high levels of perfection for each article in the collection.

The result is the Sporty Gentleman concept for the man who likes to express his personality through everything he wears, combining classic and sporty style into everyday wear. Sporty Gentleman represents a new concept of clothing, but also a new lifestyle, in which the suit should no longer be worn exclusively with a shirt and tie. The new collection is complemented by leather bags and accessories, a brand new product category.

The key words underlying the new collection are stylistic innovation and the quality of materials, along with the Italian style that has always been a distinctive sign of Boggi Milano. It incorporates numerous style innovations, with new garments that take on the characteristics of sportswear – shawl pants, hooded wool coat, lining and zipper, white fleece made of waterproof material, and herringbone pattern two button roulette.

The materials used are of impeccable quality, the result of the collaboration between Boggi Milano and the most prestigious textile manufacturers in Italy. The Style Department of the brand has selected the finest fabrics and high-tech materials to create a range of comfortable, warm and remarkable cashmere and knitwear products. The color of the entire collection is royal blue, creatively combined with other colors in this season’s trends – gray, camel, cream and bordeaux.

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