The fourth edition of the leather design fair MATERIA will be held at the Palace of Telephones on 20 and 21 October. The edition will bring together both local designers and international designers.

Among the names announced for this edition: Abraham, Aliane, Artefact Room, Atelier Nichita, atelier437, Attribute, Carmenittta, Cătălin Onocan, Climent Art, DaDa, Dia, Editha Lupea, Florin Limbovici, Gelu Florea, Giulia Boccafogli, Karakter, Koja Concept, Laura Olaru, LeDot, Lemnia, Lia, Lucia Olaru, Lucienne, Luvera, LUWA LEATHER, Lyria, Milissimo, MOTA, Oana Lupas, Otilia Flonta, Rena, Sebastian Roncea, Simina Filat, Simona Albu, ZIG Leather, Snob .

Tickets can be purchased here .

A weekend of all-leather to spend in an iconic building on Calea Victoriei, full of creativity and concepts found in the new 2018 collections, custom made for MATERIA by local designers and emerging creative artists alongside international designers.

Created and Supported by the Author, MATERIA is the first skin design fair that aims to become in the world of creative creators what the Author is in contemporary jewelery: a platform dedicated to designers and creators working in the skin or having the main creative skin material .

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