The Romanian whiskey market is on an upward trend, and Romanian consumption habits are refining year after year. According to data provided by the Domestic Volume Report, in Romania in the first half of 2018, whiskey consumption increased by 7.84% compared to the total consumption recorded in 2017.

Thus, in the first six months of the year, nearly 5.7 million liters of whiskey, that is, over 8 million bottles, were consumed. For the single malt whiskey category, there was an increase of 20.6% compared to the previous year. The main categories in the spirits industry that remain in the consumer are whiskey, vodka and brandy.

The premium beverages market in Romania is continuously growing with new consumer preferences. Romanians are becoming more selective when it comes to the type of beverage consumed and they start to pay more attention to the brands they buy. If in recent years interest only focused on well-known brands, without more in-depth information, the past few years involve refining when it comes to consumer habits.

” The single malt market in Romania is increasing from year to year in a trend with the world market but at a higher speed. Consumption habits for premium alcoholic beverages, including whiskey, are diversifying and as a result, consumers have begun to alter the types of malt purchased. They succeeded in overcoming the price selection stage and focused on the area of ​​origin and taste: light, floral, fruity, salty or smoked. At the same time, Romanians start to use more water in a single malt glass, depending on the alcoholic strength (ABV) the single malt has.

We observe a consumer education that abandons the habit of associating the ice cube, and is inspired by the whiskey culture of Scotland’s home country. And the diversity of sweepings has succeeded in imposing itself as a criterion for choosing a single malt. I find an increasing curiosity about this type of whiskey, one considered luxury, and this is also observed in the interest given to the tastings we have in our community“, said Dragoş Mateescu, Specialist single malt and Project Manager within the project coordinated by Alexandrion, Single Malt Society.

The difference in annual figures for volumes is due to the diversification of usage patterns, as a result of the increase in the number of premises devoted to this type of product. The interest of single malt enthusiasts is on the rise, and the variety that single malt whiskey offers, directly related to the style of consumption in the privacy of their own home, is becoming more popular among the public.

Against the backdrop of positive growth in recent months, Romania’s spirits industry, valued at more than 700 million euros, will see solid increases in all categories this year.

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