Leroy Merlin has launched its new Deco and Lighting collection featuring five interior decorating styles: CHARM, CLASSIC, ESSENTIAL, FUTURE and NATURE. These are distinguished by different and original interior elements, created specifically to meet the preferences of all customers.

For a comfortable and positive energy space, NATURE Style is the ideal choice, especially for families with children. Flower-decorated rooms, cotton curtains, bamboo blinds and wooden floors are just some of the elements that are characteristic of this style. The walls painted in shades of green, cream or brown, as well as wood chandeliers and lamps, or recyclable materials, certainly bring nature to the home of those who prefer this style.

Simple and clean, ESSENTIAL Style is characterized by decorations and finishes available to any pocket. With this minimalist style, you can get an airy, bright, tastefully decorated room that does not tolerate excess colors and furniture. Especially for young and dynamic people, this style expresses elegance and refinement through the white, creamy or black walls, few accessories, decorations of geometric figures and neutral combinations that create a relaxing atmosphere.

Balanced by both the chromaticity and the symmetry of the positioning of the elements, CLASIC style involves durable furniture and metal and glass accessories. It allows the combination of old and modern furniture with a stylish look to any room. Wallpaper or neutral colors such as cream or gray are recommended for walls. To complement the décor, there should be no galleries with metal accents for curtains and curtains, chandeliers with metal arms and glass lampshades or sophisticated lamps.

Suitable for spaces where natural light penetrates generously, CHARM style means walls and furniture in open colors with floral prints and curtains made of embroidery and lace. Accessories, whitewashed forged iron galleries, white frame paintings, ceramic pots, watercolor storage boxes are the basics of this style. The illumination is provided by lamps and lamps made of textile materials that provide a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere to the home.

FUTURE style proposes colorful furnishings, accessories and finishes and modern items, being especially recommended for young urban families who want frequent changes. For walls, wallpaper can be chosen in strong colors and prints, but curtains and curtains should be as simple as color and easy to maintain. The paintings are the most appreciated as decoration elements, and in the lighting section are recommended industrial or futuristic bodies, made of glass, metal or plastic.
















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