Sibiu Salami will be promoted in Romania, Spain and Italy for three years, through a European grant worth EUR 1.5 million, obtained by the Association of Sibiu Salami Producers (APSS). Starting this year, November 1 becomes the National Day of the Sibiu Salami.

Carmen Gavrilescu, president of APSS, highlighted the importance of the PGI certification, obtained in 2016, Sibiu Salami becoming a must have product in any Romanian international gastronomical official event. In this context, the latest product promotion project at European level continues to build upon this reputation. Between 2018 and 2020, the Sibiu Salami PGI will be promoted in Romania, Spain and Italy, as part of a project funded with a European grant of EUR 1.5 Million. Moreover, this year in Romania, November 1 becomes the National Day of Sibiu Salami.

The campaign has both quantitative and qualitative objectives: encouraging the consumption of Sibiu salami and changing consumers’ habits. The product will be involved in a complex program, Night of Restaurants, that starts on November 2 and where, together with one of the most appreciated chefs in Romania, will show that Sibiu salami can exceed the level of sandwich, consumed solely at breakfast.

Statistics in Romania indicate still a low consumption of this premium product: 4 slices of Sibiu salami per capita per year. Although top of mind for Romanians, the Sibiu salami remains an aspirational product, where the price element influences in a negative way the purchasing decision. A growing trend at the consumer level is related to sliced vs. hole product: the popularity of the sliced ​​product has increased over the last 2 years, up to 40%, in modern retail with assisted shops.

What are APSS’ plans in near future: increasing production up to 3000 tons in the next 2 years and stimulating exports outside of Europe, especially in the Asian region (China, Japan).In 2017, the production was 2100 tons, and for the year 2018, about 2400 are forecasted. Regarding exports, Sibiu salami reaches especially the countries with significant Romanian communities – Spain, Italy, France, Great Britain, Germany – but currently in small quantities, or only 2% of production.

Between October 31st and November 4th, the representatives of member companies in APSS (Agricola, Angst, Aldis, Cris-Tim, Reinert, Scandia Food) welcomed visitors to Indagra 2018.

In addition to free discussions and tasting sessions, APSS’s participation in Indagra included this year two special events organized: a press conference on October 31 and a cooking class master on November 1. Besides, the Sibiu Salami Festival ended with a dinner with bloggers from the food area, on November 2, at the Maize Restaurant in Bucharest.
All three actions are endorsed by Alex Petricean, Chef of the Year in 2018 by the prestigious international gastronomic guide Gault & Millau.

The presence of Sibiu Salami at Indagra is part of the Enjoy! It’s from Europe – Salam de Sibiu IGP. Sibiu salami is the only Romanian product of the processed meat category recognized in 2016 with the European quality distinction of PGI – Protected Geographical Indication, a system that traces the history of the oldest companies operating in Romania.

“The Association of Salami Producers of Sibiu represents, first and foremost, a guarantee that the Salam of Sibiu of the best quality will always be on the consumers’ table. Obtaining the PGI certification process was not easy one, but today Sibiu Salami is positioned at the same level with other European products, proving once again the mastery of the people who create it, as well as its excellent quality.” says Carmen Gavrilescu, President Association of Salami Producers of Sibiu.



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