Until last year, when Caro Hotel in Bucharest started to renovate, the hotel had 24 2-star rooms, 61 three-star rooms and 103 4-star rooms. Renovation, designed to counteract stronger competition from apartments and new entrant hotels, ended on October this year and costed more than 3 million euros, excluding VAT, and all 189 rooms are now four stars.

Surrounded by a luxuriant landscape and including all the necessary services for making the guests feel like in a holiday, Caro hotel through this new stage managed redefining hotel standards.

The result: a new Caro which impresses through authentic design and modern characteristics. Caro hotel known till 1948 as the National Glucose is a symbol of Bucharest and due to this, the restauration process should have not touch the architectural identity conserved all these years.

” No doubt, the main challenge was the one regarding the automation of the rooms in the way of adapting the project at the architectural style”, says Octavian Lazar, manager and owner of Caro Hotel explains.

Having an industrial past influenced by historical happenings, Caro Hotel slowly developed starting with the interwar time. Maintaining the authenticity of a place from 1902 was for sure a complex mission. The walls of the former Glucose Factory witnessed many chapters of Romanian history, that`s why preserving the key elements of the building was mandatory.

Built in 10 years with Belgian capital, Glucose factory puts its fingerprint on the Romanian history. In the ‘30`ies, it already gained an increased importance in the national economic context, being included on the lists of major objectives to be visited by the future king Mihai I, in April 1940.

One year after, during the Marshal Ioan Antonescu, the factory becomes a military establishment and in 1948 is nationalized becoming even more involved in the economical processes initiated by the new government. During the communist time, Cernobil nuclear accident influenced, even not directly the life of the factory, as Elena Ceausescu was already having it on her black list.

Being a conversion of a factory from the interwar time, the renovation was accordingly made with the history of the place creating a balanced mixt between the industrial and the modern elements, in the new interior design context.

Like a journey in time, reinterpreted in the contemporary context, Caro hotel stays at the crossroad between business and leisure, becoming a premium destination for events and corporate activities, but also for leisure activities at the highest level.

”Here, all our guests meet the rich history of this place and can take advantage of the latest technology in the heart of nature and this is what makes this place unique. The new Caro is the story you`ve never seen before, but you will be thrilled living it. Deep in our philosophy, it stands the motto:” Work hard, enjoy, have fun and share the nature with your friends”!», Octavian Lazăr is mentioning.

“Normally hotels offers you plenty of items, facilities and many activities to choose,but what hotel always miss is the main factor, why people comes to Hotels?, My opinion is that they are coming to create life experiences and memorable moment for them…In the new Caro besides our facilities we will always create for people new life experiences, which for sure will be memorable and never the same, this experiences will be made by a team of vitalism and enthusiastic young people which always will be there for you”, says Manuel Herraiz Orti, F&B Manager at Caro Hotel.

As Caro hotel is a family business, the 189 rooms are bringing in front the technological evolution in the paradigm of preserving a unique architectural style meant to remind us of its industrial past. Industrial elements have been highlighted through natural elements as oak wood, natural leather including the new technological systems that put Caro hotel on the map of the most attractive hotels in Bucharest. With the latest technology, Caro becomes one of the most modern hotels. From automatic lighting system, underfloor heating, modern air conditioning, to the digitalization of room`s functionalities through the BMS system* in order to maximize the comfort, Caro hotel starts a new stage on the local market.

Even more than this, as a total novelty on the Romanian market, guests will be able besides the tablet application to controll the room to make the distance check in and room access with smartphone, meawhile the parking access can be possible only by vehicle registration plates.

In a continuous process of reinventing, the next modernization stage will start in 2019, when mandatory will be the rehabilitation of conference`s rooms, reorganizing the lobby and modernization of Classic restaurant – traditional Romanian restaurant.

*Building Management System

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