Companies have levelled up their game in retaining and winning their talents. Joining Mazars means taking part in an exciting and entrepreneurial adventure and seizing the opportunity to quickly grow your potential. 

Mazars has partnered with The Dickson Poon School of Law, King’s College London, to offer a specialised LL.M (Master in Laws) in International Tax Law delivered through an advanced online learning environment. Mazars is the first firm to offer its employees this LL.M in International Tax Law, which is exclusively open to Mazars tax professionals for the first two years. Lucian Dumitru, Senior Manager with Mazars, is one of the students of the inaugural cohort, including participants from four continents.

“I feel very honoured to be part of this L.L.M along 16 other Mazarians.  The curriculum built around International Tax, Transfer Pricing, EU Taxation and Indirect Taxation–EU VAT Tax Law, including residential weeks in London, Milan, Amsterdam and Berlin, shall develop the skillset required to serve our clients and stay competitive on the market.”

The two-year advanced degree is designed to build comprehensive technical and practical skills for senior managers, directors and partners, covering the legal framework and intellectual tools necessary to navigate the complex international tax environment.

Teaching, which began in September 2018, is being delivered in-person and via virtual learning environments across digital and mobile platforms. The Programme Director is Jonathan Schwarz, a barrister practicing at Temple Tax Chambers and an acknowledged international tax expert.

 “We are pleased to partner with Mazars and launch this electronically delivered LLM in International Tax Law,” said Professor Gillian Douglas, Executive Dean of The Dickson Poon School of Law. “This is the first programme of its kind that we have developed, and we look forward to building on our experience of delivering these new advanced and practice-focused modules through combined online and face to face teaching.”

Anita de Casparis, Mazars Global Head of Tax, added: “The LL.M in International Taxation Law is the latest initiative in our global strategy of creating best-in-class development opportunities and a sign of the emphasis we place on investing in our people.”

#InsideMyPhone an Unique Perspective into an Auditors Life

In a world where the digital and physical workplaces are increasingly coming together, Mazars is creating a dynamic, innovative and flexible work experience that aligns with the lives of today’s digital natives and future workers.  The future employees of Mazars will also benefit from a different kind of experience.

The company has launched a global initiative aimed at giving future workers a view into what professional life looks like in an increasingly digital workplace. Its new #InsideMyPhone campaign offers today’s job candidates a way to experience what a ‘day-in-the-life’ of a Mazars employee is really like – in the form of an interactive experience that participants can easily access on their mobile phones or laptops. The campaign kicked off on 10 October and ends in January, 2019. To try it, visit #InsideMyPhone by Mazars.

#InsideMyPhone participants earn badges as they experience how a Mazars auditor works and completes tasks throughout their day. This includes seeing how Mazars employees engage with each other on digital platforms, how they collaborate, and even how they review new job offers and promotions.

 Users that complete the journey, which includes finding an office address and connecting with colleagues in other parts of the world, receive a surprise message at the end – and the chance to win a trip to one of the following destinations: Paris, New York, Shanghai, Mexico City or Casablanca.

 “Laurent Choain, Group Chief People Officer at Mazars: “Generation Z is now the generation that we are recruiting en masse and which will represent 50% of our workforce in the world by 2020. They are digital natives who are looking for both agile and human work experiences. Recognized for its innovative 2.0 employer branding strategy, Mazars decided to launch ‘Inside My Phone’ to show that we offer exactly that, and in more than 80 countries in the world.”

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