In line with its modern personality, Disaronno continues in 2018 the series of special issues with Disaronno wears Trussardi  – where the brand is associated with the prestigious Italian fashion house Trussardi.

Bringing together common values ​​such as tradition, innovation and Italian elegance, the limited edition proudly carries the typical Trussardi texture overlaid with the unique shape of the Disaronno glass. The festive holiday season is filled with fuchsia, green and blue fashions that fit the famous label, creating a modern and stylish collection of collections at the same time.

“Disaronno exceeds expectations again and realizes this innovative special edition Disaronno wears Trussardi , the result of the collaboration between Disaronno and Trussardi, the well-known Italian avant-garde brand. Disaronno is an emblem of Italian style worldwide, so association with Trussardi, the promotional brand of innovation and discovery, is a natural fusion of what the Italian spirit means. We are delighted to continue our tradition of distributing these remarkable special editions to the most prestigious fashion houses in Italy, “ said Mihai Scortea, Cristalex Marketing Manager, Disaronno’s official importer and distributor in Romania.

Disaronno’s international success is largely due to the versatile and modern personality of the brand, which has consistently managed to set mix-mix trends and propose beverages in line with current requirements, as demonstrated once again by this collection of collections available on the Romanian market in a limited number.

The new “Disaronno Wears Trussardi” bottle brings a fresh breath to the 2018 holiday parties and is also a drink to accompany relaxing moments with friends and an ideal gift for celebrities including fashion enthusiasts.

The special 2-cup package released for this year’s celebration promotes the Disaronno Sparklingcocktail, an unprecedented association between Disaronno and prosecco. The new special edition is already available in major retail networks as well as in premium Horeca locations.

The launch event where the new Disaronno Sparkling cocktail could be enjoyed was held at Enotek in Maria Rosetti Street, 49A, Bucharest, one of the most vogue wine bars in the portfolio of some of the most prestigious prosecco brands in the world, besides the vast portfolio of wines.

#DisaronnoWearsTrussardi is the sixth Limited Edition of the ICON project, as these Disaronno brand associations are dubbed with an Italian elitist fashion house.




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