Between December 8 and 20, the Madrigal Choir will hold an extraordinary national Christmas tournament, bringing the magic of the winter holidays to the hearts of the public in Bucharest, Slatina, Brasov, Cluj, and Ploiesti. 

The tournament will be supported alongside hundreds of children from the Cantus Mundi National Program. The repertory selection for the Christmas concert program will include some of the most beautiful compositions dedicated to the Nativity of the Lord, combining works from the Romanian and international repertoire, some performed alongside children’s choirs from the Cantus Mundi National Program.


The Romanian Christmas carol has been the signature of Madrigal for the last 55 years. The unmistakable sound of the most important Romanian choir awakens the spirit of the winter holidays in every community and brings joy every time! We continue the tradition for more than half a century and bring this extraordinary Christmas show of the Madrigal Choir to this winter in Bucharest, in an unprecedented presentation animated by several hundred children from the Cantus Mundi National Program ” said Emil Pantelimon, Manager of the Madrigal Choir.

During the National Christmas Tournament, the Madrigal – Marin Constantin National Chamber Choir, directed by Anna Ungureanu, will perform on 8 and 9 December in Bucharest, at the Small Hall of the Palace. Starting at 19:00, the unique sound of the most famous coral ensemble in Romania will bring to the public the warmth and the emotion of the holy Christmas holiday. The musical experience will be complemented by the crystalline voices of hundreds of children from the Cantus Mundi National Program, who will climb on stage alongside the famous choir. Tickets can be purchased online from the platform.

The Madrigal Choir will hold an additional concert in Bucharest on December 10th at Sala Palatului, at 19:00, after the tickets for the 8th and 9th December musical events were sold out.

On 8, 9 and 10 December, the public of Bucharest will have the opportunity to listen to the Madrigal Choir’s emblematic voices along with the voices of hundreds of children from the Cantus Mundi National Program. There will be three evenings loaded with the warmth and emotion of the  holy Christmas holiday, with a rich program, made up of a series  of the most representative compositions specific to the celebration of the Nativity, as well as from the international brands and traditional Romanian works. 

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