AVINCIS CUVÉE PETIT – Sauvignon Blanc 2016 and CRÂMPOȘIE SELECȚIONATĂ 2017 were awarded as the winner of the first wine guide Gault & Millau Romania, which contains the Romanian wines for the year 2019. AVINCIS CUVÉE PETIT won the title of the best Sauvignon Blanc, receiving 89 points out of 100, and CRÂMPOȘIA SELECȚIONATĂ AVINCIS was named the best white wine, with 92 points out of 100.

AVINCIS CUVÉE PETIT is a Sauvignon Blanc that comes from the high quality clone of Western Europe. Its potential to create a good wine has been fully produced for over a century in the Drăgăşani vineyard. The color is light yellow with green reflections. The wine has aromas of green pepper with baked brussels, and its taste is strong, with high acidity and a specific minerality in the Drăgăşani area.

Crâmpoşia was first cultivated on the hills of the Dacian Rusidave and Roman Rusidava, the branches of the Drăgăşani vineyard, which have earned a well-deserved fame from the time of Oltenia’s money until today.  Crâmpoşia Selecţionată from AVINCIS is a good-looking wine with a bright yellow color with discreet green reflections. It has a fresh and expressive bouquet of pear and green apple, and its taste is persistent and lively, with citrus notes accompanied by a pleasant minerality.

“It is an honor to be in such a short time, again on the list of winners! Last week I won two gold and silver medals for Negru de Drăgăşani and Vila Dobruşa Sauvignon Blanc at the International Wine Contest Bucharest and now we are placed in the top of the Romanian wines by one of the most famous guides, Gault & Millau. Our work together can only rejoice and demonstrate that the craft tradition, the ambition and the workforce of all those involved are the advantages of AVINCIS, where respect for quality is paramount. At the same time, I am very optimistic that the interest in international premium wines is growing. I am glad that the native varieties, like Crâmposia, are gaining ground in front of the exotic ones”, said Andreea Micu, associate of  AVINCIS Winery.

AVINCIS demonstrates the quality of well done work, passion and work done from the soul. The team of specialists caring for vines combines art and science of wine making, loyalty to terroir and traditions vineyard, making premium range of wines tastes and hearts winners.

The prestigious Gault & Millau guide, recognized in the gourmet world as the Michelin label, started this year in Romania with over 1,000 wine varieties from 80 local wine cellars. Over 150 wines from 63 wine cellars were included in the final guide, and the wines of their varieties were selected for tasting. The scoring was done by three experts – Romanian and foreign – Somelian masters.


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