Romanians are inspired by the online environment and often buy from physical stores when it comes to gifts for their loved ones, according to a survey made by the online gift shop on a sample of 261 people.  

Over 60% of respondents find their inspiration for Christmas gifts from online gift shops, but neither physical stores nor social networks are negligible. However, 82% of Romanians prefer to purchase them directly from Shopping Centers / Malls, despite crowding during the holiday season.

4.3% of Romanians said they had already purchased gifts one month – two before December, and 30% bought discount gifts in Black Friday’s campaigns this year. After Black Friday, the purchase period for all presents extends to more than 50% of Romanians even until the days before Christmas.

45.3% of Romanians stated that they are planning to offer holiday gifts for 3-9 persons, with the preference being for the spouse and other family members. The average basket or the total value of the gifts is between 300 and 1000 lei. However, 59.4% said they would exceed this budget if it were a husband / wife gift, while 29.4% would be willing to provide an extra budget for gifts for parents / in-law. 15% said they had bought a gift worth over 1000 lei for holidays.

The price-quality ratio and the functionality of the products are the most important criteria that Romanians take into consideration in choosing the gift, preferring to offer useful things at the expense of spectacular surprises.

As for the types of gifts, Romanians choose to give choices based on the aspect (43.5%), but rather choose useful gifts for loved ones (46%). Estimates show that these are among the most popular gifts (60.9%) that have a story (jewelry boxes, watch boxes, manicure kits, shaving sets and accessories, etc.) followed by fashion accessories (handbags, wallets, watches, bracelets, etc.) – 58.4% and clothing – 50.9%.

46.6% of Romanians said they would not attend Secret Santa this year, whether we refer to the one organized in the company or friends. However, 87.7% choose to buy a Holiday Gift for Chief / Chief with colleagues, not individually.


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