Did you know we’re wearing only 20-30% of our whole wardrobe? Because we eventually opt for the same clothes we wear repeatedly, say the specialists from remixshop.com.


It happens to buy clothes at a quick rate, not having much available time. Sometimes we make compulsive purchases because we like the color, we’ve seen it on someone and we’ve liked it, or maybe because there were attractive discounts. It’s obvious, the temptation is a hard thing to deal with. But in time we realize that we have a wardrobe full of clothes and yet we have nothing to dress on, or we feel that what we have do not represent much of who we are.


We are on the last hundred meters of this year, and 2019 knocks on the door. Maybe it would be good to prepare the ground for the new year and start with some changes in order to bring us a good state of mind.


A first step in this direction, which is easy to do, is to get an inventory of our dressing, followed by a selection of the things that we wear or we have never worn.


When you give up to things don’t need in your life, you release the wardrobe and the space in which you spend your time, and also your heart. The sense of order and airy space, where there are only the things that represent you, you like or need, is liberating and in addition, it strengthens your thoughts and improves your mood.


New or almost new clothes you do not want anymore, you can put them again on the circuit. Maybe they cannot find their place in your life, but they will certainly bring joy to someone else’s life.


So you can send them to Remix to be sold at remixshop.com through the “Sell to Remix” service. Offering your clothes and accessories a second chance, prolong the life of good quality garments and support the environment, thus contributing to a better planet. You also have the chance to get some extra money for the things in the wardrobe that you no longer need and do something good by donating some of it to SOS Satele Copiilor Romania.





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