Tata Group brings the concept of event „Tata, Enabling Youth Entrepreneurship Across Europe” in Bucharest. Monday 26th of June the second event of the series will take place at Entrepreneurship Academy, Bd. Dacia no 99. These events bring together entrepreneurs, politicians, experts from different industries, all willing to support the young entrepreneurs. The event is organized with the support of National Association of Colleges and University Entrepreneurs (NACUE).

Tata Group is present in Romania with some of its companies, like Tata Communications (who owns 24% of the global internet routes) and Tata Steel (one of the biggest global producers in Europe), active in fields like aerospace, construction, packaging. Another company of the group is Tata Technologies, who provides services of consultancy and engineering in its offices in Brasov, Iasi, Craiova.

The event will be welcoming experts in policy and enterprise education, alongside student entrepreneurs who are running their own businesses to form a panel to discuss the topics most important to student entrepreneurship in Europe.

Following the panel discussion, there will be an informal pitching competition where entrepreneurs can showcase their businesses to the audience.

Among the panel members will be:

  • Aster Van Laere, an entrepreneur based in The Netherlands and graduate of the Team Academy course in Amsterdam.
  • Ciprian Dudulea, a student on the Entrepreneurship Academy course in Bucharest.
  • Cosmin Alexandru, Dean of Entrepreneurship Academy
  • Cristina Pruna, Member of Parliament
  • George Dita, is Product Manager for WiseUp

For more information please visit – https://tataye17.wordpress.com/

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