The Lord Mayor of London, an ambassador for the UK’s financial and professional services industries, is visiting Romania with the aim of strengthening trade links between the City of London, the world’s leading financial centre, and Bucharest, which has blossoming banking, legal, Fintech, and services industries.

Dr Andrew Parmley, the Lord Mayor, is to meet government and business leaders, regulators, and trade bodies in Bucharest, discussing how the City of London can work more closely with Romania as it develops its international presence in financial and professional services. The Lord Mayor will also discuss how the City can support Romania’s large infrastructure and energy projects. The Lord Mayor is the leader of London’s ‘Square Mile’ or financial district.

The Lord Mayor Parmley, the 689th incumbent of a role that dates back centuries, is an educator by profession, and is excited to discuss Romania’s ambitions to develop the business and financial skills and qualifications of Romanians across the country.

The Lord Mayor is scheduled to meet with Romania’s Prime Minister, Finance Minister, as well as the governor of the National Bank.

He will also meet with a number of significant industry representatives such as the Bucharest Stock Exchange to discuss how financial links can be strengthened between the UK and Romania. The Lord Mayor will also be hosting a number of round table events with business leaders to discuss legal services and Fintech.

Speaking ahead of his visit to Bucharest, the Lord Mayor Dr Andrew Parmley said:

“It is a great pleasure to be in Bucharest. I know that my visit will involve a packed and productive schedule of engagement with heads of government and industry.

“There are many excellent opportunities for British companies to do business in Romania – not least in energy, infrastructure finance and fintech.

“Following the UK’s decision to leave the European Union, it is more important than ever that we redouble our relationship with vibrant growing markets across the world, but it is also essential that we maintain strong business links with our partners in Europe.

“As the world’s leading financial centre, London has a uniquely competitive offer for Romanian businesses looking to expand domestically and overseas, and I hope they do so for the benefit of communities across Europe.”

Speaking ahead of the Lord Mayor’s visit the British Ambassador to Romania said:

“I am delighted that Lord Mayor and his team will be visiting Romania; one of the fastest growing economies in the European Union. The City of London offers important opportunities to Romanian companies looking to expand, as seen for example by the enthusiastic take-up of Romanian enterprises in the London Stock Exchange ELITE programme. Our links on financial services, education and skills development, trade and investment are all important components of the United Kingdom’s deep and special partnership with Romania.”


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