The Most Desired Employers survey, initiated in March – May 2017 by Catalyst Solutions, confirms the candidates’ interest for tech companies. The Most Desired Employers reveals candidates’ perceptions regarding the working enviroment and the employers activating in Romania. The survey not only measures the level of attractiveness, but also what defines an ideal employer and what is important to the relevant target group.

Top 10 of the Most Desired Employers is dominated by companies from IT, Automotive, Oil&Gas industries and companies operating in Telecom and FMCG. TOP 10 of The Most Desired Employers Survey are: Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, Continental, Google, OMV Petrom, Vodafone, Amazon, Grup Renault Romania and Coca-Cola HBC Romania. The top 20 are represented by companies from banking, consulting and BPO industries. The survey’ respondents were asked which are the top 3 companies they want to work for, their responses were unassisted.

“In the current context where companies need specific information about target groups and their behavior in order to attract and retain candidates, the Most Desired Employers survey provides key data for  building the recruitment and Employer Branding strategy. How does my target rank me as an employer? What are the channels throughout I can effectively communicate the key messages or career opportunities? What are the reasons why the candidates did not apply to my company’s jobs, although I am on the list of the companies they want to work for? These are just a few of the questions that the Most Desired Employers results can provide answers to. “- Alexandra Stancu, Talent Attraction&Employer Branding Coordinator, Catalyst Solutions.

What are the criteria that matter in the Employer choice?

The Most Desired Employers survey analyzes the criteria underlying the decision on which candidates choose their preferred company. In top 5 criteria that candidates pay attention to are: pleasant work environment, the salary and benefits package, safe job, new professional challenges and training programs. In the current context where the number of career opportunities is growing, the decision process becomes more refined. The candidates take into account several aspects and value a number of other criteria besides the financial ones.

Used Communication Channels

Another dimension analyzed in the Most Desired Employers survey refers to the communication channels used by respondents when they want to find out more information about employers and their career opportunities. According to the survey results, potential employees prefer to use job portals (75.43%), recommendations from friends and colleagues (63.54%), the companies’ websites (58.67%), Linkedin (54.58%), personal interaction with companies (53.66%), job ads on news and specialized websites (50.76%) and job fairs (47, 40%).

Drawing on a survey of 11,036 respondents, The Most Desired Employers Survey 2017 provides a large data-set with which to understand in more depth how to optimize your mix of recruitment and employer branding strategy. The responses are collected through an online questionnaire, in March – May 2017. The study was attended by 11,036 senior respondents, both junior and experienced candidates from across the country.

Catalyst Solutions is a full-service company with 11th years of experience in recruitment, talent attraction and employer branding. Catalyst has become known for some of the biggest projects and events in the field, such as:

  • – career website focused on professionals, graduates and students;
  • Angajatori de TOP – is the biggest recruitment and employer branding event in Romania. The event takes place twice a year, in spring and autumn, in Bucharest and Timisoara;
  • DevTalks – the conference for Software Developers in Bucharest and Cluj-Napoca, with over 2100 participants at the last edition;
  • Top Talents Romania – the place to meet the TOP Graduates in Romania;
  • The Most Desired Employers – the results of the study offers the employers the information required for an extensive understanding of the market and for building and refining the employer branding strategies.

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